Posted by: docdenbow | March 11, 2012

Why Sack McCarthy In February?

Whilst  I was looking down on the unemployed when I was in the shower this morning, I started thinkng about the mess the Wolves really are in. Specifically the pig’s ear made out of the whole “sacking Mick” and get someone else in” debacle. With Terry Connor being the “silk purse,” I see no way, barring a miracle of Wolves avoiding relegation.

In December, Wolves picked up 6 points from 6 games, not exactly Champions League form, but when you consider that  2 of those games were against Man. United and Arsenal then that’s not a bad return. Had that type of form been transposed across the season you’d see Wolves on 38 points by the end, then that would possibly be enough to stay in the Premier League. Pointless stat I know, but food for thought.

November followed the same pattern, 3 games and 3 points, one of those games away at Chelsea. Looking back to earlier in the season, after a bright start in August which saw Wolves briefly top the Premier League, September and October bought catastrophic results. To my way of thinking it’s those 2 months that have put Wolves into the mess that they’re in right now.

January was equally poor, with a single Premier League point coming against Tottenham. We all know what happened in February with Mick McCarthy getting an early Valentine’s Day present and the new manager saga.

Okay, what happened in the Board Room to make the sacking happen, and why did it happen when it did? It is true to say that Wolves were in the middle of (another) disastrous run – the defeat to WBA hurt everyone connected, no matter how tenuously, with Wolves. What did happen behind the scenes that pushed Morgan, Moxey and lets not forget the Board into firing Mick McCarthy? As per usual with Wolves, and with most professional businesses I must add, no one is saying.

I’m not necessarily defending McCarthy by trying to make him out as a kind of Yorkshire Jose Mourinho, but although the results were sucking Wolves towards the bottom 3 – sacking him with evidently no one waiting in the the wings to take over was an error of judgement on the part of Morgan, especially. The fact that they have strongly implied that Terry Connor was the man they wanted all along only serves to insult the intelligence of the Molineux faithful.

My own opinion is that in the January transfer window (and probably well before that) McCarthy expressed a desire to bring some new faces in to bolster the squad – players who were genuine potential first teamers. Simply put he was told to bugger off with Morgan pointing out that he’d already pissed £40 million up against the wall and had his squad and to get on with it. Wolves did bring in Frimpong (Arsenal reserve), Bassong (Tottenham reserve) and some mush from Iceland (or was it Lidl?) and that was that.

McCarthy did bite the bullet and got on with it. Frimpong did make a difference to the team, but was soon crocked, and with Henry’s sending off against Villa snatching a defeat from a possible win or draw McCarthy’s fate was sealed.

The horrible loss to WBA  led to the Board Room the day after, and I’d really like to know if it was McCarthy’s telling of what he considered to be few “home truths” to the Board that ultimately led to his dismissal. I also wonder whether he’d “lost the dressing room” with players bleating to Morgan and Moxey.

With no “proper” manager in place Wolves are drifting aimlessly. Relegated, or not there needs to be a shake up in the Summer. A new manager with his own staff must be bought in. The scouting system needs to be overhauled as evidenced by crap signings like the giant Austrian. Players who are not up to the job must be moved on, and if Wolves drop, “stars” want to move then we should let them go and develop and buy replacements. It’s no good keeping a player who is not committed to the cause, and whilst I am suspicious of Morgan and Moxey we don’t want Wolves to end up like Portsmouth by spending money we don’t have on Premier League wages to Championship players.

There are interesting times ahead.

Ciao For Now Molineux Faithful



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