Posted by: docdenbow | March 11, 2012

Where Now Wolves?

I’ve often wondered what people get out of supporting a truly awful football team. Now I am, a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers and I have a certain kudos amongst my friends as I support the shittest team.

“How can you do it?” they ask.
“Are you a masochist?” they enquire.
“Is it a perverse game you are playing?” they wonder.
“Don’t you like football?” they quiz.
“Are you sane?” they question.

My answers are always the same. They are –

I love it.
Think so.

I watch the Wolves in the vain hope of seeing them win a game. I would settle for an unlucky draw, where having outclassed the opposition for a full 90 minutes they conceded an equaliser in injury time. I would be happy if I thought that the players were trying their best. They clearly aren’t. So why are they still picking up fat weekly wage cheques which amount to more than most of earn in a year? Have these idiots got an inflated sense of their own worth? Evidently so.

I could rip most of the squad to shreds piece by piece, but that’s just wasting my time and is a rather futile but would be fulfilling. Suffice to say getting pissed as club Captain is reprehensible, is Roger Johnson angling for a “thrown on the transfer list in disgrace” kind of move? Most of the no-hopers and losers will need to be replaced no matter what league Wolves are in next year, if any other club is dumb enough to take, let alone buy, any of them.

It now seems likely that Wolves will get relegated, I cannot see a way out of the mess the side are in at the moment, so the management at the club need to start to think about re grouping should the worst case scenario happen. Morgan and Moxey as the men in charge, should decide who they really want as manager and go out and get him. No pussyfooting around, no multiple interviews, just get him and get the team rebuilt so that promotion can happen again and a Wolves team worthy of a Premier League place can rejoin the elite.
Wolves have a few decent players, but a lot of deadwood and quite a few who take no professional pride in playing in the Premier League for Wolves. The playing side of the club needs a real shake up if Wolves are not to be stuck in the Championship for seasons to come.

Ciao For Now




  1. I’m with you there. Watching League 2 football with Torquay week in week out has really shown me what passion is. I think a lot of premier league players have lost sight of what it’s all about.

    • Well, Championship football seems more exciting when I watch it on Telly on a Saturday night. Let’s hope Wolves are not there next season tho’

  2. Not looking forward to tomorrow much I have to say.

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