Posted by: docdenbow | March 7, 2012

Wolves – The Yo-Yo Club? That’s Morgan & Moxey’s Legacy

Okay, here we go.

I see nothing in Wolves that give me any confidence that there will be Premier League football played at Molineux next season unless there is a monumental slice of luck and all the teams around Wolves, i.e. Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn, get even worse results than they have in the season so far. Mind you I think the fans of Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn are probably thinking the same thing – but I do feel that Blackburn will escape the drop, especially if they beat Wolves on Saturday.

Journos, amateur football managers, fans and forum users all seem to agree that aside from the fact that although there are not too many players in Wolves’ squad who are of genuine Premier League quality the biggest fault is the way the team plays. By that I don’t mean tactics, I mean the lack of urgency and effort that I’ve seen in the few Wolves games that I’ve seen this season. These are professional footballers who really don’t seem to understand the basics and are of little brain and a comparable amount of skill in the main.

The midfield and defence are simply woeful. Clint Dempsey’s goal for Fulham was a classic case in point. Several Wolves players just stood around like traffic cones watching the ball as it moved past them. It made me both angry and sad to watch. It makes me feel that the players are conspiring to get Wolves into the Championship as it will give them a better chance of seeing out their contracts than if the team remained in the Premier League. When the drop inevitably comes, Wolves really ought to have a clear out of the deadwood. Trouble is to see the back of some, losses in the transfer market would occur and furthermore any new manager would still remain hamstrung by the fiscal policies of Morgan and Moxey. With this in mind I think that even in the Championship Wolves would retain the lion’s share of the squad as nobody in the Premier League would be interested in more than 2 or 3 players, and as they were good in the lower tier, would possibly come back up straightaway just as ill equipped to survive as they have proved beyond doubt this season.

So where does that leave Wolves? Well like many of the “unfashionable” teams, the answer to that question is “struggling.” with a Chairman and Chief Exec seemingly unwilling (or unable) to actually invest in the team, the best we Wolves fans can hope for is to become a “yo-yo” club. A year or 2 in the Premier League, with weekly depressing results, followed swiftly by a couple of seasons “rebuilding” in the Championship. I really cannot see “mid table mediocrity” in the Premier League coming any time soon to the Molineux.

The one thing we can be sure of is that there is no debt in the club and it pays its’ way, as long as the new ground developments don’t lead to bankruptcy. With regards to this new stand the points I will continue to question are:

What is the point of this stand.?

Will the potential extra revenue justify the extravagance?

What’s wrong with Molineux as it was?

Would the money have been better spent on players and scouting?

What is Steve Morgan’s long term plan for Wolves? (It didn’t match Curbishley’s so what is that telling us?)

Ciao For Now My Championship Chums,



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