Posted by: docdenbow | March 7, 2012

Football Forums? Nah! Blog It!

Football forums are strange beasts. I had a look on good old Wikipaedia to find a definition of an Internet forum, and this is what I found.
“An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.”

Hmm, interesting. Hold conversations? Don’t think so, at least not in my limited recent experience of forums. Some of the ones I used when I first began my tentative steps on the World Wide Web were excellent with the forum members being friendly, funny, knowledgeable and probably many more adjectives that would give a positive spin on my experiences. That’s one of a hell more than I can say than a few I look at these days.

In some forums the Moderators rule with a rod of iron, removing and editing posts for no good reason that I can see. Then you get users banned for taking up an opposing view to some of the other users. Of course posts that personally attack or use foul language should be removed as perhaps should the member if they persist with the swearing, but on occasions I have felt, in passing, like telling some people on a forum exactly what I think of them. What’s the point though? Descend to the level of sad gits who post continuously the same facile drivel about whatever the subject of the forum happens to be.

I mean, I’ve seen some forums where people have made 15,000 posts! How? These must be people who love the sound of their own voice transferring that “know all in the pub” to my computer screen. Take a breath, sit down and let someone else have a go. Oh yes and listen/read what someone else has to say for a change. Forums are about an exchange of ideas and not brow-beating everyone into the ground. Got it? Good!

Football forums are the worst, especially if that forum centres around just one team. Endless posts about formations, who should play where when, tackles made, tackles missed. Each post correct to the exclusion of all of the other points of view. A crowd of strangers screaming in an endless hall. Shouting down the opposition – it’s mob rule.

Yet this mob rule can be influenced by the leaders of these mass debating cliques. They can make a stand, state an opinion – and the sheep fall intop line. Dissenters belittled, or ignored. It’s like a totalitarian state – tow the party line for fear of penalties. Except the penalty is not death – it’s being being told you’re wrong and stupid by an intellectual dwarf who thinks “should of” is good grammar and is looking forward to his appearance on Jeremy Kyle so that he can find out just who is parents are.

Am I sounding bitter here? I guess I am. I have got right royally pissed off with forums being little more than private members clubs and where interlopers ,who although they have joined the club, are looked down upon. It just illustrates to me the xenophobia is alive and well and living on the Internet.

If you moved to a new town, strolled into a pub and tried to strike up a conversation with people in a bar, would they ignore you?


Welcome to the world of football forums……………………………

Now as this is my blog, I am allowed to drone on and on and on about MY opinions. There is room for comments which I will answer – so here goes……………

My beloved Wolves are screwed. Doomed, heading for the Championship. Definitely no question. Anything less than a win against Blackburn will seal the relegation. So what? Do I care? Well, I’m not sure that I do. Wolves are not going to be a success story in the Premier League in the near future, they’re going to get relegated soon, so why postpone the truly inevitable? We have an epically shite Premier League team, but a rather good Championship team. If a lot, and I mean a lot, of the crap can be shipped out in the summer and some decent signings made then I see no reason why Wolves won’t be back in the Premier after a season or two “downstairs.” It may be just what Morgan and Moxey need to shake them out of their collective torpor and make them realize that the financial structure of the club needs to be reshaped to make the club more attractive to better players – who will be scouted by better scouts. Failing that, better scouts that is, we might as well pack it in.

Rant over

Ciao For Now



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