Posted by: docdenbow | February 25, 2012

Mike & Bernie Winters,Blogs & Terry Connor

I couldn’t decide what to write about today. Nothing seemed to rattle my cage so to speak. I’m pretty certain that you don’t want to hear a screw by screw account of how I re hung a garden gate and then covered it with shiplap so that it blends with the garden fences. I did mention the fences in an earlier post, but the tales of “Feather Edge Fence Adventures”  would probably be sufficient to satisfy the curiosity of readers of my reader regarding my limited woodworking skills.

In order to come up with decent subject matter I turned to Twitter and asked for ideas. I got all of 2 responses. One came from @david_livick saying merely “Terry Connor” and the other from @louiesilvani  suggested  “from clipboard to iPad, the rise of Terry Connor.” Now whilst I am grateful for the responses  I am more than a little disappointed at the volume of responses. Moreover, had either of these chaps read my blog recently they would have noted that I’ve done the whole Wolves managerial thing to death and feel it’s time to move on for the time being to something different.

So if there are to be no tales of fences and gates, or opinions about the Wolves then where does that leave me? Well I thought I might do a vanity post. It’s been about a year since I started blogging in more hope than expectation that people would read the stuff I prattle on about. I had a very pessimistic view of the number of “hits” I would get and wondered how on earth people managed to get visitors, commenters and even spam. When I started I would have welcomed anything in the way of traffic.

I  did a bit of checking via t’internet and added tags to posts, registered the blog with Google and kept plugging away. I use Facebook and Twitter to publicize what I post and have a couple of subscribers that I know of and hopefully more that I don’t know of. So now I get a few hits and I am pleased with the growth of what started out as a sad little blog that was lonely on the world wide web because it only had me for a friend.

Anyway all of that is a bit boring to everyone who doesn’t blog so if you haven’t moved on already please stay and I’ll try to entertain you………

Another Twitter person,  @EatMyHalo mentioned Mike and Bernie Winters in a Tweet earlier this evening and it set me thinking. Being a baby of the late 1950s I grew up with dubious distinction of getting to see these 2 giants of comedy and light entertainment on a fairly frequent basis on the TV, but fortunately my Mom thought they were “duff” (this means crap) so as soon as they hit the screen the TV changed channel. When I was alone though, I would watch them. Watch their desperately unfunny act. As a kid I could never understand why everything they said was met by gales of laughter. I didn’t know at that tender age that there were laugh tracks on “comedy” programmes or that some giggle fascist patrolled the studio floor with a placard telling the sheep when to make mirthful noises and another one illustrating the consequence of disobedience. This programme was like Playboy and Men Only in my twisted little mind. It was evidently something that grown ups understood and enjoyed but was beyond the comprehension of my child’s mind.

I think that these 2 were lucky to have a career, especially one that lasted as long as it did,  I believe a fellow blogger Stuart Frew summed it up best when he wrote,

Two idiots for the price of one, this pair were the only known comedy double act to feature two straight men. Let’s just say that when Bernie branched out with a new partner Shnorbitz the dog, the hound was funnier. Forever in the shadow of comedy giants Morcambe and Wise, the brothers split many times, and I don’t mean our sides. Whilst Mike was meant to be the ‘smart, sophisticated’ one, Bernie played the grinning oaf perfectly…only he wasn’t playing… These guys made Cannon and Ball look like comedy genius’s. Another word from Ali on the gruesome twosome.

The story goes that this pair were appearing at the Pavilion in Glasgow, a notoriously tough crowd, and Mike Winters came on stage and did a few minutes before his hopelessly unfunny stage foil followed him on. As soon as the other one hit the stage, some wag in the audience shouted “aw f***! There’s two o’ the c***s!”

Ciao For Now Match Of The Day’s On



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