Posted by: docdenbow | February 24, 2012

Close Friends Get To Call Him TC – Wolves’ Saviour?

I ended my last blog post on 22/02/2012 as follows : –

“So as the seconds tick away towards the Newcastle game and the end of the season, I fully expect Terry “Clipboard” Connor to take over, at least until the end of the season. I sincerely hope that he’s learnt a lot from the managers that have passed through Molineux during his time there. I also hope that he uses his clipboard to bash some of the lazy, sorry individuals who masquerade as Wolves players and should arrested for impersonating a Premier League footballer.”

I take no pride in being proved correct, but I do think that the appointment of TC illustrates that there must have been one hell of a row behind closed doors at Camp Molineux and there was no masterplan in place to find a successor to Mick McCarthy. Yes, I do think the sacking of MM was a spur of the moment thing and that MM just pushed the board too hard.

That being said the way the press has speculated about the new man in charge, and Wolves’ precarious position in the Premier League table has made the managerial vacancy perhaps less attractive than it may have been at, say, the start of the season. Any “worthy” successor would have been appointed in a blaze of publicity and with very high expectations. But, are there any “worthy successors” that would come to Wolves out there in February 2012? I would venture that the big 3 of Steve Bruce, Alan Curbishley and Neil Warnock would have offered no more in the short or long term than MM could.

So why was MM showed the exit door at Molineux? Tactical ineptitude? Had he lost the dressing room? Were Morgan and Moxey finally tired of the results that were being achieved with a monotonous regularity? Was the writing on the wall for MM since the summer when Wolves were not exactly active in the transfer market and the team was surely considered good enough to perform ok in the the Premier League? Was MM so certain of his squad that he thought no one else was needed? If that’s the case then MM was most certainly naive.

Did MM deserve to be sacked? Well, on some forums, Wolves fans were calling for MM’s head as soon as the final whistle blew in the last game of  last season against Blackburn. The style of play, the blind loyalty to perennial underachievers and then then puzzling refusal to play for more than the odd game, , some of the players bought into the club, presumably to strengthen not only only the squad, but also the team. MM was bringing in these players and then not picking them. Bizarre! Stefan Maierhofer was a case in point. Just go with me here. He was bought into the club for £2 Million after a pretty impressive goalscoring record for Rapid Vienna. So far so good. He scored on his debut, got injured, got fit and was shipped out on loan then told to bugger off. Ok so he may have been thought of as a crap player in training at Compton but surely to goodness he should been given a chance or he should not have been bought in the first place.If MM  decided to buy him, and then decided he was crap then MM must carry the can. Money wasted on a giant who couldn’t play football. Ah well.

So if MM had got the boot last season would things be different now? Then there may have been several suitable contenders for the managerial seat at Molineux. Sacking MM in mid February has meant that many managers with Premier League experience would see the Wolves job as a stairway to managerial oblivion if the club were to lose their place in England’s top flight. They would be tarnished as the man who took Wolves down, and would this “manager with Premier League experience” fancy a season (or two) scrapping in the Championship. With this in mind it’s probably not surprising that none of the contenders were unveiled at a Sky Sports News press conference.

So now we have Terry “Clipboard” Connor in charge, at least, until the end of the season. He’s been at Wolves for years. He has seen at first hand the day to day running of a Premier League club. I, also think that, no that’s not right, hope that TC has more about him than I have previously thought. If we think back to the days of Hoddle, I’m sure that had TC been seen as a useless coach then he would have been out on his ear. I live in hope that everything, every little piece of good football we have seen Wolves this season has been due to the influence of TC – and that the clipboard itselfhas a true mystical purpose like Excalibur that can lead us to our own Camelot.

All this remains to be seen, as it will be in tomorrows game against Newcastle….

Ciao For Now Clipboarders



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