Posted by: docdenbow | February 22, 2012

Liverpool Lil And The Fat Controller

Things at Camp Molineux are getting rather entertaining. Now that the Fat Controller has rid himself of the Barnsley Irishman, well things have moved forward at a terrific pace. Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller haven’t sat back and done nothing, oh no! They have interviewed, re-interviewed, approached (or not approached) several prospective candidates. We are now only a couple of days away from the Newcastle game at the Sports Shop Stadium, and still Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller have still not seen fit to offer anyone, other than everyone they interviewed, the prestigious job of putting the mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers back on top, or not at the bottom depending on how you look at it.

With the end of the season fast approaching I think that Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller have really got things spot on in the handling of the removal Barnsley Irishman. They have sadly been let down by the men they really wanted. Sadly and badly let down. There was a “dream ticket” to replace the Barnsley Irishman and his Clipboard wielding sidekick. This was a pairing that knows the City Of Wolverhampton and the passion for football in the 57th most populated town or city or place in the country. This pairing knows what is expected of them, and they could have bought in their own backroom staff into the Molineux set up and at the Compton training facility. Apparently this dream team turned down Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller for unspecified reasons – but my exclusive source tells me that the main reason was the virtual transfer embargo in place due to the fact that the transfer window had slammed shut prior to the job offers being made. A sad loss to the supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers. By the way, the dream team in question consisted of Herbert Heath and Polo Uppal. Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller were prepared to double their existing salaries, so you can’t lay this a the doors of financial prudence. Google them, you’ll see their unmatched pedigree in football.

After missing out on Herbert Heath and Polo Uppal, Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller have been a party to leak after leak to the press and media in a vain attempt to shame various football managers into taking the helm. Bill McGarry was invited to return to the Molineux, but he had to decline the opportunity to take the mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers upwards and on towards Premier League survival on account of the simple fact that he’s dead. There’s a great pairing that I’ve heard whispers about. Ron Atkinson and Marcel Desailly with Marcel in charge and Big Ron as Director of Public Relations and Ethnicity. Mind you the “source” was pissed and had hairy hands. His Scottish pal said he was interested but he needed his big telly thing to explain tactics. A sort of 21st Century Clipboard.

So where do we go from here? Simply put, all of the good out of work managers have one of 2 things in common. Extreme old age or death. Just think Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller could offer Stan Cullis £200 a week and he’d think he was a millionaire. Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller have never heard of inflation and rising prices unless it’s in the property market.

Although I have been somewhat irreverent here, there are things that alarm me about Wolves’ search for a replacement for Merlin. To me it seems they sacked him thinking loads of top quality managers would go to Molineux cap in hand begging for a job – and only the unemployed have turned up. Secondly what truly worries me is that the comments attributed to Alan Curbishley about a conflict between his “vision of Wolves” and that of Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller.
What I would like to know is what these 2 visions were, the visions of Curbishley and the visions of Liverpool Lil and the Fat Controller actually are, and to what extent are they conflicting.

So as the seconds tick away towards the Newcastle game and the end of the season, I fully expect Terry “Clipboard” Connor to take over, at least until the end of the season. I sincerely hope that he’s learnt a lot from the managers that have passed through Molineux during his time there. I also hope that he uses his clipboard to bash some of the lazy, sorry individuals who masquerade as Wolves players and should arrested for impersonating a Premier League footballer.

Ciao For Now Weeping Wolves



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