Posted by: docdenbow | February 18, 2012

I’d Make A Lousy Copper Or Crown Court Judge

I have discovered that my last post about some poor sod with a tazer is nothing more than an urban myth that circulates the internet on something called Snopes (whatever the hell a Snope is) It just goes to show how easily I am taken in. Gullible – that’s me. I tend to believe everything that people tell me. I’d make a lousy copper or Crown Court Judge. Does that make me a fool for being trusting, or does it show that somewhere within in me that I have a deep faith in humanity? There’s no need to lie, so why do we so often live lives riddled with deception? Is it because the truth hurts? Is it because we are not courageous enough to be able to tell the truth, or to open up to the world with our true feelings and intent? Secrecy. Secrecy about our past and present and future intents. How many times have you heard someone cite “personal reasons” for not doing something. If these personal reasons were disclosed then surely true friends would be able to sympathise and support without falling into the time old trap of gossipy speculation.

That’s the thing, how many of us have any true friends? Friends with whom we can share secrets without fear of betrayal. I would venture very few of us. How many times has someone  said to you “don’t tell anyone..but” and then gone on to betray a confidence, which given human nature, you pass on at the first available opportunity frequently elaborating on the tale so that a chaste peck on the cheek ends up being a full blown love affair for example. One puff of a joint becomes a full blown addiction.

Where’s our faith in human nature gone? Has it disappeared with the ever decreasing childhood years and all of us forgetting the simple joyous pleasures in life? Personally I think that the decline in Christianity in the UK has had an influence. There’s no faith anymore. Now whilst I am not setting myself as a Christian advocate here, I do think that if we remembered the basic tenets of our religious studies at school (not necessarily being a formal Christian going to church etc) and acted upon the basic “be nice, do unto others as you’d wish them to do unto you” type thing then the world would be a happier place. Okay so science makes the existence of God more questionable the more we learn, but knowledge undermines the faith, and without faith the human race is nothing more than specks in the dirt.

Our civilization seems in many ways to be going into reverse. True, technology is coming on in leaps and bounds in ways unimaginable even in recent years. But riots on the streets? Random acts of murder? Gangs? Racial hatred? Ok I’m starting to sound like the Daily Mail here but in God’s name we need to change this society and get something back that somehow we’re losing, if we haven’t already lost it.

As Spike Milligan once wrote bunging someone a Bible and teaching them the first verse of “Onward Christian Soldiers” does not a Christian make. But I think Voltaire said:

“Of all religions, Christianity is without a doubt the one that should inspire tolerance most, although, up to now, the Christians have been the most intolerant of all men”

Ciao For Now  And Bless You All




  1. Spike Milligan also said :” without gullibility there is no trust,so I shall remain gullible”.
    Good blog.

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