Posted by: docdenbow | February 14, 2012

Wolves – They Think It’s All Over…….

Wrote this a bit quick…….sorry it’s a mess

Well, I had a damning article bubbling inside my head regarding Wolves’ whimpering capitulation against West Brom. I was going to attack the 3 M’s and bemoan everything and anything about my beloved Wolves. About how they’d given up the fight, how they were being slowly cast adrift in the nether regions of the Premier League and how relegation to the Championship was a sad eventuality and reality. The win against QPR had proved to be a false dawn and the spineless toothless “men” on the pitch had managed to get their manager sacked.

I have been critical of Mick McCarthy for a while now. Not just this season but also last season when we managed to escape the drop by the merest skin of the proverbial teeth. Wolves had clung on to the precious Premier League status so prized amongst the English (and Welsh!) teams. This brings me onto why I think Mick was ultimately shown the door. Who made the decision in the Summer to make so few (2 was it – O’Hara was already there) signings? Did Mick go to Moxey and Morgan with a wish list? My guess is that he did. I would also imagine that behind the scenes and out of the eye of the public that tentative negotiations went on between Wolves and some agents touting their clients (players) around. So why did we end up with with a reserve goalie, De Vries was never going to oust our Wayne and the centre half of a relegated team that had conceded 80 goals, ok a few less than Wolves but get my drift? Hands clasped very tightly around the purse strings – that’s why. I wonder where they thought this team of would finish in the league. What was it Del Boy said, “You’ve got to speculate to accumulate…” Where would Liverpool be now had Morgan bought the club? Anyhoo, look at the players we could have had in the summer. Woodgate, Upson, Demba Ba, Barton, Yakubu,- all free transfers. All Morgan needed to do was to stump up some of his Redrow millions to pay these blokes. It’ll never happen though. Cheapskate XI. What is the saying, “pay peanuts get monkeys” – I rest my case.

That centre half, Roger Johnson, was promptly made captain which would have destabilised the entire squad and further to this he has turned out to be a complete and utter waste of money. Pub team player if you ask me. On the odd occasion that Wolves have played well they have looked a half decent side. Witness the game against Villa. In patches, truly excellent. So where and why has it all gone wrong?

I sense Abramovich style meetings between Morgan and Mick. This culminated with morgan’s infamous bollocking of the team after the Liverpool game. At that point Mick was finished. It shows what a decent man Mick actually is, that he didn’t flatten Morgan with a well aimed right hook for usurping his authority. I think that given Wolves signed a Icelandic bloke nobody has heard of (wonder who decided that?) and 2 chaps on loan, showed that Mick was being set up for a fall. The fact that they’ve fired him now after undermining him in front of the players with Morgan buggering off on holiday shows what a piece of poo Morgan is. Bags of money, no class. hadn’t got the guts to face him himself, but got David Brent to do it for him.

So where do we go from here?

Dunno. I just hope we don’t end up with some dork like Billy Davies or even Steve Bruce.

Curbishley for me…..

Ciao for Now…..They Think It’s All Over




  1. I’m sure they’re still better placed than last year & at most clubs the board don’t hire a manager, but a scapegoat !

  2. Nice post. I often wonder about transfers and lack of them. I think Morgan is bad for the club and he needs to prove otherwise. David Brent… Lmao! I knew he reminded me of someone. LOL.

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