Posted by: docdenbow | February 2, 2012

The Day Music Died – Or Did It?

Well here we are, it’s February. On the 3rd it’s 53 years since Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash whilst on tour. At risk of forgetting the deaths of Valens, J.P. Richardson (Big Bopper) and the pilot, the death of Holly saw the death of the last of the true rock and roll pioneers, someone who was the bridging link from the rock and roll to the Beatles era. Many of his songs and his style were adopted many fledgling performers who went on to big stars. How many of us “of an age” didn’t at some point in their guitar playing life have a bash at “That’ll Be The Day” or listening to Mud and secretly loving “Oh Boy” as they took it to Number 1?

Then of course we come the the epic song “American Pie” by Don McLean. This saw the light as a single in 1972 and was some 8 minutes long and to hear it in full you had to flip the single at mid point to hear the rest. The lyrics at the start refer obviously to the death of Buddy Holly, the rest of of the song has lyrics that remain somewhat obtuse and open to and number of interpretations. A good one in my mind can be found here as it gives some idea as to the cast of characters in this epic song. Oh yes by the way it was completely ruined by Madonna, so you need to check out the real version.

Of course music didn’t actually die with Buddy Holly, or the demise of The Beatles or the death of Elvis. A few people have tried to kill music, some like Simon Cowell have come closer than others. But, and it’s a big but, as long as people can gather together and 1 or 2 of them can play a battered old acoustic guitar then music will be ok. My own taste and listening habits have led me to this conclusion. I tend to be thinking these days that if anything still sounds great when stripped back of it’s elaborate orchestration and backing, it definitely is great. Just to prove it, have a listen to Damien Rice as opposed to the vile Little Mix.

Ciao For Now Pop Pickers




  1. Hi Doc, The Prof here.

    Great blog. And you’re very right – the music lives on to this day. 🙂

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