Posted by: docdenbow | January 26, 2012

I Wish I Had Latin Feet

I know that I keep writing on this blog about albums that I love and have stayed with me since I was young pup. Whilst it’s true that my love for early Roxy Music, Trapeze and Glenn Hughes remains undiminished there are one or two (probably more) albums that I think are/were criminally overlooked that came out in the early to mid 1990s. I’m thinking of two albums here. Ezio’s “Black Boots On Latin Feet” and Jellyfish’s “Spilt Milk.” These two albums should both have been huge successes, and perhaps in an alternative reality were. I love these albums now as much as I did when I first heard them. I’ll leave Jellyfish for now, and talk about Ezio

“Black Boots” was the major label debut and first saw the light of day in 1995. Basically Ezio were a duo consisting of Ezio Lunedei who sang and wrote the songs and the wonderfully named Mark “Booga” Fowell who played acoustic guitar in a most flamboyant manner. The songs themselves were somewhat wistful and really heartfelt. The instrumentation is, as you can imagine somewhat sparse with the backing behind Ezio’s and Booga’s guitars really only serving to colour the songs and to add depth.

I really don’t want to do a track by track bullshit review here but I think its’ real lack of success can be put down to being the right album released at the wrong time. The timing of an album can and does have a huge influence on its’ success or ultimate failure. The early to mid 90s was the time of the “grunge” revolution where the like of Nirvana, Pearl and Soundgarden were sweeping aside all that there was in rock and popular music. (Let’s just call it Rockular) and burying this and other fine albums. It just wasn’t the time for an acoustic duo to play often down beat songs that didn’t exactly invite you to get up and dance or to hate yourself and make you want to die.

Had this album been released in the 1970s during the singer/songwriter revolution  it would have sold by the lorryload. There’s a certain synchronicity with early James Taylor and Crosby, Stills and Nash. It would have fitted well with Cat Stevens and it really does, even now, desrve a much wider audience. You can pick up a copy for £3.99 on Amazon UK and there are track previews there and a fistful of five star reviews.

It’s a crime for any discerning music fan ( I don’t count a X-Factor as music) to never have heard the beauty and majesty contained within the thirteen songs. They still tour constantly and may at a town near you soon. go check them out. You will not be disappointed.

Ciao For Now Music Lovers


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