Posted by: docdenbow | January 20, 2012

Wolves – Will We Stay Up

On Wednesay 18 January 2012, I trotted up to the bedroom to watch Wolves play (at home) against Birmingham City. Wolves started brightly enough, but as the game wore on things began to look rather alarming from a Wolves point of view. Whilst it’s true that Wolves put out what is tantamount to a reserve side, all of them are available for Premier League selection. This was a perfect chance for a lot of those selected to stake a claim to be in the first choice XI by turning it on against Birmingham, who I understand were playing a less than full strength side themselves. (I may be wrong on this one!)

In my view Jonsson was missing in action, so much so that I didn’t know he was playing until he was subbed. Hunt looked like he was running through sand with a parachute on his back and Milijas was ineffectual. The least said about George Elokobi the better as he is clearly out of his depth as a professional footballer. Perhaps a career change to being a personal trainer would be inorder. As an aside if George trained SEB on a one to one basis I think we may see a different and more effective SEB in he ever got a game. If SEB trained George with some basic ball skills……well who knows.

It’s the general way the team was set up that worries me the most. SEB and Doyle often looked isolated and Doyle seemed to be scared of Birmingham’s penalty area. He’s not a bad player when he’s on the ball, so why doesn’t he try running at a defender or two? Much has been made on this forum of the way that Swansea City play under Brendan Rodgers with excellent on the ball skills and retaining possession. Leon Britton, for example has a fantastic pass completion percentage. Wikipedia (and other press stories) states:-

“On 17 January 2012, it was revealed Britton had the highest pass completion rate in world football to that point in the 2011/12 season (93.3% accuracy); better than Spain’s Xavi (93.0%).[7] However, it should be noted Britton attempted 703 fewer passes [8] than the Barcelona player, and played two more games. Britton is the only creative player in Premier League history to register a perfect game with a 100% pass success rate.”

The thing I’m getting at is the way that Swansea player permits a player who (I think) has been with Swansea (apart from a brief spell at Sheffield United) and risen with them from League 2 to the Premier League. The groundwork was done by Roberto Martinez, Paulo Sousa came in and sorted the defence and then Brendan Rodgers put it all together. On a player to player basis I really don’t think Swansea are better Wolves, it’s just that the way the players actually player is streets ahead. I’ve seen mooted on forums about trying to attract Rodgers to Wolves. Me? I can never see that happening – not in million years. Why? He has a better team.

Why does he have a better team? I really believe that it is all down to to the way the skills of the players that you have are utilised. The players need to know what they are supposed to do. They need to believe that they can keep the ball and frustrate the opposition. They need to do a hell of a lot more than “put a shift in” and have a manager who bemoans “bad decisions” after virtually every game. Let’s win the games and worry about crap referees later. In life and football you make your luck.

So is Mick the man to sort the team out? Has he got the tactical nous to set the team up to win? Has he the courage to pick the players best suited to the job in hand and put his unswerving loyalty to some players on the back burner. Have Morgan and Moxey got the courage of their convictions to go out and try to get players who will really make a difference to the team? Bringing Frimpong in, albeit on loan is a fantastic statement of intent. But is that enough?

I fear that as long as Mick fails to recognize that both the way Wolves play (tactically) and that some players are not up to the job, then Wolves are in for a hell of fight to stay in the Premier League this season. There are just eleven days before the transfer window closes, so are we going to get more players? I doubt that also.

For me the saddest thing is that the tactics of the team will remain the same, with a spirited side and bunch of players who are just lacking that little sparkle that will see us safe for sure. It’s time to push on.

To finish I’ll stay on my hobby horse here. Shane Long’s record for Reading in the Championship is poorer than SEB’s yet he is a first choice at Sandwell. Has SEB had a fair crack of the whip to show what he can really do? When I see him on the telly (I do live in Swansea and work every Saturday folks) he looks pissed off. Perhaps you and I would be if my goals were a massive contribution in getting my team promoted, and we barely get a kick in the Premier League. I think a great opportunity has been missed to exploit SEB’s talent as he is nothing else if not a goalscorer and goalscorers tend to score at all levels.

Yes I Am Biased When It Comes To SEB

Ciao For Now Wolves Fans



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