Posted by: docdenbow | January 19, 2012

Feather Edge Fence Adventures

When it comes to DIY, Denbow here is not really a market leader. It is for this reason that when requests come from Mrs. Denbow to do “manly things” around the house and garden fill me with no little amount of fear, loathing and trepidation. You see, some people are built for manual work having sinewy bodies belying their strength or muscular squat bodies advertising strength. Me, I’m neither, nor am I blessed with a steady hand (medication I’m afraid), ability with tools (sheer bloody uselessness), but I am blessed with a “good eye” which enables me to see just how bad my attempts at DIY really are.

A few years ago I used to spit and swear my way through each and every job that was forced on me through borderline poverty. These days I actually enjoy having a go at doing stuff. Why? Let me tell you. A couple of years ago I bought a cordless drill and enough drill bits screw head, screws and so forth to tip over a cruise ship. Now I can attempt to do stuff knowing I probably have the right tools (I do have saws and a lovely Birmingham screwdriver) and as they say “tools maketh the man.”

At the bottom of our garden there are some woods, and very pretty they are too. Like alls wood there is “wildlife” some welcome, some not. The Denbow household includes a little dog, part Miniature Schnauzer, part Jack Russell, part little rogue. She has decided that she has “friends” in the woods. I’m guessing squirrels but I know for sure there are rats out there and the terrier in her makes her want to go out, especially at night and kill them all. Our garden is separated from the woods by a fence. 3 feet high and totally rotten. Daisy the dog has taken to jumping up and down and trying to dig under or generally eat said fence. With me so far?

Mrs. Denbow dropped into the conversation the other day, after I had mistakenly told her that 4 feet fences would be ideal, that a delivery from Travis Perkins was due and I could just “pop those fences up in an hour.” Yeah right. If nothing else she is a willing girl and took the afternoon off work to watch me toil in the torrential rain whilst she watched smoking fags and drinking coffee. By 7.30, by now with a torch bandaged around my head so that I looked like a wounded miner, my work was complete. I stood back and looked with pride. Then a gust of wind came and blew them all down. No that’s all lies.

Mrs Denbow did take the afternoon off to act as labourer and in less than 3 hours the fences were up and secure. Titchmarsh’s mate Tommy would be proud of us. Yes, it did rain and we got soaked – all except little Daisy who stayed indoors as she is not too keen on rain.

Ciao For Now And Remember Jesus Was A Carpenter




  1. Can we see a photo of the fence Mr Denbow?

  2. Images of said Feather Edge Fences will be available as a soon as possible.

    • Fantastic, we are all here waiting with bated breath

  3. I shall use my Fuji 9600 to get top quality snaps for your delectation

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