Posted by: docdenbow | January 16, 2012

Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction

I saw a programme last night about the events of early 1993 in Waco, Texas. To refresh your memories this was where a relatively small group of Branch Davidians led by David Koresh met their end in the fire that ended the siege. There is, and was, a good deal of argument and controversy about the way that the ATF and FBI handled the 50 day siege, failing spectacularly to bring it to a peaceable solution.

A cursory piece of investigation, assuming the information I found is indeed correct, has led me to conclude that the raid on the Waco compound was unnecessary and obviously badly handled, mismanaged call it what you will. As the leader of the Branch Davidians, the target was David Koresh himself who was suspected of child abuse and gun running offences.

Now this is where the whole sorry saga gets a little confused in my mind. I have found in numerous sources that 6 months prior to this siege kicking off, Koresh himself invited the ATF to inspect his guns. Why the ATF declined the chance to go and have a look is anyone’s guess. Koresh was inviting them in, they would have had ample opportunity to arrest him and no blowing up of anything. I also seem to remember in the back of my mind that in early 1993 during the planning of Operation Showtime that Koresh went out shooting with a couple of undercover FBI chaps, and as he was alone arresting him would have been a cinch. But they didn’t and a deadly violent confrontation was the result.

Who fired first is largely immaterial as far as I am concerned as although the ATF were indentifiable as ATF they didn’t exactly going with softly softly tactics now did they. A lot of Americans believe that they have the right to defend their property so faced with suited and booted commando/SWAT style folks crawling over their “church” armed to the teeth, as soon as the first bang is heard you’re going to get a hail of gunfire.

As a result of this catastrophic chain of events 70 odd people died, the majority of that number being the Davidians altough the ATF did lose a few good men. Certain quarters of the USA were appalled at the events that were unfolding before their very eyes on all of the news channels all of the time. Whatever the people of the USA thought of Koresh and the other adults, there were 21 children in the building after all. David Koresh saw himself, as did his followers as “the lamb,” effectively the second coming of JC and the tactics of the FBI especially fitted perfectly with his interpretation of the 7 Seals from the Book Of Revelation. If you don’t believe that Koresh was a divine figure then the FBI were certainly doing their best at inadvertently fueling his delusions and re-enforcing his God like status within that compound.

Koresh didn’t back down, his followers didn’t leave him, they stayed, apparently willingly. The fires started the Branch Davidians and their leader were effectively wiped out, died, burned. Game over? Not quite. Heard of Tim McVeigh? Well he went to Waco as a “concerned citizen” to have a look at what was going on. Having heard that the ATF were executing a warrant to search for and seize guns he handed out pro gun leaflets.

Just 2 years later Tim McVeigh planted a bomb in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and injuring 680 others. Where did he plant the bomb? Outside a building that housed amongst others the ATF. Why did he do it? Apparently anger at the way the siege at Waco was handled. Tim McVeigh was executed for his crime for which he showed no remorse or regret. I don’t agree in any way shape or form with what McVeigh did, but…………………………..

If the FBI and the ATF had sorted out the Waco issue with no bloodshed, would those 168 people still be alive?

Just a thought

Ciao For Now Conspiracy Theorists.




  1. I think Timothy McVeigh would have carried out the FBI bombing even without Waco mate. Something else would have helped him justify it. The man was out of touch but clearly there were more people behind that bombing than just him. It all stinks from all angles. Darker forces are at work in this world than what we are allowed to know and see mate.

  2. whatever! putting some historical spin on a fabricated event does not bury it. check out A Noble Lie, it’s just released and it’s on the OKC bombing. The ATF were forewarned about the bombing, they weren’t in their office. This was just good PR.

    • Ashley, Whilst I do not disagree with your assertion about Oklahoma, I do think that the handling of the situation at Waco was appallingly handled.I also believe that McVeigh had a few more helpers than those bought to court. If the ATF was forewarned…then that is a sad indictment of the USA’s “secret services” Bear in mind I am from the UK and what I wrote was just an argument about cause and effect….

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