Posted by: docdenbow | January 14, 2012

Chasing A Schnussell Across Swansea Bay

Yesterday my daughter and I went with our dogs to Caswell Bay. Her dog is a Collie and mine is a Schussell. They really enjoyed whizzing around on the beach and having a quick paddle in the waves. The sun was out and the weather surprisingly warm. with a beautiful backdrop of jagged rocks and cliffs there can be few better places to be. It’s a safe beach for dogs as there is only one way in, and therefore out, with very little chance of your dog whizzing off onto roads. When we go again I’ll get some decent photographs so that I can share them with you.

The beach at Swansea is not in the same league. It’s a long sweep down from Swansea to Mumbles and looks quite something at high tide but when the tide is out, the sea becomes a distance blur on the horizon seeing as it is affected by the tides in the Bristol Channel.

I am a little nervous of taking my little Daisy-Dook to Swansea beach. She’s now 10 months old and about 3 months ago we were on the beach in Swansea and she was growing a little more independent from her cousin the Collie. She saw a bird, and as dogs do started to chase it. The bird landed further down the beach and Daisy-Dook continued her pursuit oblivious to my calls. Then it got serious. Said bird got fed up and flew away from the beach and over Oysermouth Road – a dual carriageway. Daisy-Dook was in hot pursuit. There are some places where the sand has blown up against the sea wall and as you can guess Daisy-Dook went straight over that chasing after this bird.

Well I then broke the world record for a 52 year old man chasing a dog over sand for 100 metres and jumping a stone wall about 3 feet (1 metre) high. I was fully expecting a crash and a thud and to find my little dog dead in the road. I was rather pleased (that’s an understatement!) to see my little Daisy-Dook lying on the grass verge looking back towards the beach with more than a hint of fear. Fortunately the noise of the traffic must have stopped her in her tracks. That taught me a lesson, no matter how well trained your dog is, they can still be unpredictable and off they can go running away following their doggie instincts.

Having told you of my little Daisy-Dook’s adventure I thought I’d write a little about my writing ambitions………………

As anyone who comes and reads my blog will guess, I love writing. I love the self expression that it gives me. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts, humour, opinions and experiences with the world – or at least the portion of the world that visits my blog and reads what I post. I do, however have bigger ambitions with regards to writing. My dream would be to get a novel published, I haven’t really got the foggiest idea as to how I could go about achieving that or even whether what I write is even worth reading. That won’t stop me from writing though and trying to improve.

Lurking on this ‘ere blog there is rough draft chapter of Chapter 1 of my first attempt at a novel, the interestingly and mysteriously named “Hospitals Don’t Have Bars.” I like bits of it, in fact I like most of it and laugh at at the funny bits. I wrote it a long time ago and I am in the process of reading the only copy I have of the full 40,000+ words of this part complete juggernaut of a tale of alcohol and failure. I need to read it so that I can find the characters again given that it’s been 13 years since I started writing it and begin the arduous tasking of retyping the whole thing as I don’t have a “soft” copy. If I’m lucky I may have it up to date in a month or so and then I can work towards completing it. I feel I owe it to myself to finish this novel and I also owe it to the characters that I’ve created – if that doesn’t sound too arty and precious.

Chapter One first draft is here :

Please comment on it and let me know what you think

The “new” novel for which I have written the first chapter is going to have to wait. My old friend deserves completion first. It can only help me in getting the second one better and hopefully get me some kind of portfolio of work that I can amuse myself with or feel proud of or even get out to the wilder world. It may also help me get to a position where I can write articles or short stories or what not that can can fuel my ambition to be a published writer.

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  1. The first half of this story reminded me of Fenton the Youtube viral dog of 2011 fame. The second half reminded me of me. Writing a novel has to be about the story and nowt else. It’ll get published or it won’t and if it is it’ll be successful or it won’t. You’ve just gotta write it. You can self publish it or PDF it for family and friends and then let what will be… be.

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