Posted by: docdenbow | January 12, 2012

Would You Believe In What I Do?

If you listen to music and buy records, cassettes, CDs and now MP3s, if you’re anything like me, then every album and sometimes just a song can whisk you back to a given point in your life. we all have favourite albums, ones we always return to. Although I mentioned the Albion Band a few posts ago, for me the crucial album – probably my favourite of all my albums is the first Roxy Music album that was released in June 1972.

Before that time I’d listened to them on Top Gear on Radio 1 playing sessions which were of songs that would appear on that first album. I was smitten. Bought up on an early teenage diet of chart pap like T.Rex , Slade, Rod Stewart and Chirpy Chirpy Cheep bloody Cheep  it was fair to say that Roxy Music were unlike anything I’d ever heard or could imagine. I bought Sounds, Melody Maker, Disc and the NME if any or all of them had any articles about Roxy in them. I was almost on edge waiting for the release of their first album which according to the weeklies was to be in June 1972.

I got my money together and headed off on the 97 bus from Parkfields into Wolverhampton and headed straight into the Mander Centre and HMV in search of my prize. I flicked through the racks looking for the album featuring the picture of Kari-Ann and was really disappointed not to find it.

Plucking up my 13 year old courage I asked one of the longhairs who worked there if they had the new Roxy Music album. He went and checked the racks – nothing – and then producing a key opened a drawer underneath and pulled out MY copy of Roxy Music. Handing it to me he asked, “Is this for your your big brother?” I told him it was for me, and he led me off to the till looking a bit surprised. I don’t suppose 13 year olds were meant to like semi obscure art rock.

I rushed off old and ran up to my bedroom clutching my prize. Being a very lucky lad I had rather a fine stereo system, and I place my new pristine album carefully onto my Garrard SP25 and sat on my bed to give it its’ first outing. I was blown away, well as much as a 13 year old can be blown away. This sounded alive vibrant and obviously so much better than hearing Roxy Music on a medium wave radio.

The four tracks on the first side have burned their way into my consciousness down the years. I especially loved Ladytron and its’ haunting other wordly sounds including an oboe solo! Side two I found a little more difficult to get into. But Roxy’s “throw away” song Would You Believe has become a lifelong favourite. To me there is an unbridled sense of joy in that song that I can’t remember any song even approaching.

“Would you believe in what I do
When the things that I make are all for you?
And in a while I´ll come to you
Showing showing why what I think will all come true
Well I´m sure I´ll love you all my life
And in the morning too
Everything you have is out of sight
But baby I can see through you
And in a while I´ll come to you
Showing showing why what I think will all come true
Would, would you believe in what I do
When the things that I make are all for you?”

It has fantastic tempo and style changes from a crooners ballad to a proper old style 50s rock and roll song. If you heard it you would probably either hate it or not get it, but to me it’s the perfect song.

So there you are – June 1972 to January 2012, my old friend is still by my side and 2HB is gently playing as I type this.

Ciao For Now Art Rockers



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