Posted by: docdenbow | January 10, 2012

Rise Up Like The Sun

After my attempt at writing some Morrissey style angst ridden crap that is/was of the quality of some tortured adolescent failing his AS Levels would write, I think I should get back to normal. If normal can be something that I can be called that is. I genuinely think that there is something wrong with me. The simple fact that I could immerse myself to that level of misery for a few minutes to churn that piece out is a little disconcerting and be back to my happy smiling self (!) a trice later. Hmm?  But hey ho let’s not dwell on or even talk about that. Just had a thought, perhaps I should, or should have been, be an actor as I can immerse myself quite easily and convincingly in emotion and portray it accordingly. Who was it who said “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players?” Oh yes it was good old Billy Shakespeare, he was a card wasn’t he? Perhaps yours truly sees the world as a stage and has to play a succession of roles in order to get attention. Well, that’s a bit to deep and self analytical considering I’m not sitting naked and cross legged in an incense filled darkened room listening to “As Falls Witchita So Falls Witchita Falls” By Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. Do I do that often? That’s for me to know and you (especially ladies) to find out. If anyone wishes to join me in my naked cross legged pseudo meditation let me know (if you are a stunningly good looking lady – blokes needn’t bother even asking).I have been doing a little reading in the papers and on the Internet about what 2012 is likely to bring. Pop culture predictions about actors, actresses and musicians. Now I know I’m getting on a bit but most new music of this millenium sounds to my ears like a man building a shed. Especially what is laughingly known as “R & B” Yes, there’s plenty of rhythm mainly stolen from other people’s records but bog all in the way of blues. Proper rhythm and blues is Sam Cooke. Proper rhythm and blues sure as hell ain’t one of those American blokes with unfeasibly large necklaces who chant their “rhymes” at such a speed as to make themselves both unintelligible and indecipherable. But then again what do I know?

So what music do I listen to? Well, I’m sure in the coming months I will mention more about my favourite groups, bands, soloists and all that. suffice to say I listen to music from virtually all genres. Currently I’m listening to two old favourites of mine. Both by the Albion (Dance) Band. The first is  “The Prospect Before Us” and the second being “Rise Up Like The Sun.” If there’s a better pair of folk-rock albums than these two then please tell me. Both have such a fantastic “Englishness” about them and some wonderful vocal and instrumental performances. I first heard “Rise Up” back in 1978 and was lucky enough to see them play live at Wolverhampton Poly around that time. There’s not more than a week goes by without me playing one or other of those albums which still sound fresh and vibrant. “Prospect,” I understand was largely a live in the studio album where the atmosphere of the folk dancers can be felt and their feet and applause can be heard.

Like I said there are a lot of albums I first heard 30 odd years ago that I have stayed loyal to what I liked then and my taste has basically not changed. Evolved, mutated, improved maybe. Not changed fundamentally. I discovered jazz, especially be bop, in my late teens and altough I’m a little blinkered in who I listen to, I still listen. Most of the 80s stuff left me cold, New Romantics, nah keep them. Bad hair, over produced badly dressed and poor poor songs.

Anyway…..Big 2012 posting coming soon.Ciao For Now




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