Posted by: docdenbow | January 3, 2012

The Guy Sitting Next To Me Was A Martian

Have you ever stopped to think that all of these folks, nutters or otherwise, who drone on and on about U.F.O.s might actually have a point. Aliens. Yes aliens, be they cute little “Grays” like in the movie “Paul” or sinister malevolent monsters who suck your your brains out seem to be a hot topic. You can see web articles insisting there are pyramids on Mars and You Tube is crammed to the rafters with video, mainly dodgy, and shaky shots of alleged flying saucers or alien spacecraft. None of these “films” are convincing in the slightest. They don’t convince me at all. If the best we can do is get shaky out of focus movies of spaceships then the evidence of alien visitors is a bit rubbish.

But, there is a but, a pretty big BUT at that. In my view the BUT outweighs the frankly crappy shots published of intergalactic space cruisers and tales of alien abduction that we have at the moment. To my mind this is how is goes. On April 23, 1982 Clive Sinclair introduced a personal home computer. This giant of the computer age was the ZX Spectrum. It had 3.5 MHz processor and boasted a tidy 128 kB of memory. 30 years on and a crappy mobile phone is much better than that. In fact my own mobile out performs in terms of spec and hard drive capacity a P4 computer I paid a lot of money for a few years ago.

Who is behind these leaps in technology? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Nope. Think again. Aliens? Bang on! Stands to reason. Man is so dumb he has very nearly obliterated the entire planet and everyone and everything on iton more than one occasion, so you expect me to believe that man is capable of that level of innovation. As a race humankind is barely able to put its’ socks on in the morning let alone come up with something as useful as a smartphone, netbook, digital camera, iPod and car engines that don’t pack up after 40,000 miles.

Think of this barely 10 years ago broadband was still in the future – a concept. When it finally arrived it was at the astonishing speed of 256k, and only the real “sophisticates” of IT were prepared to pay the high prices thatkind of Internet speed. Ten years on Virginmedia, for example, can offer a cable internet connection of 100 mb. Who did that. Boffins? Nope aliens!

As a final bit of twaddle did you know dogs love digital tv? Preference for digital TV is backed by animal cognition expert Prof Alexandra Horowitz of Barnard College, New York, in her 2010 book Inside Of A Dog: “Dogs have a higher flicker-fusion rate than humans do: seventy or even eighty cycles per second. Like film, the image on your (non-digital) TV is really a sequence of still shots sent quickly enough to fool our eyes into seeing a continuous stream. But it’s not fast enough for dog vision. … The conversion to entirely digital television broadcasts will eliminate the flicker-fusion problem, making TV-viewing more viable … for dogs.”  That’s why your dog now watches TV, he or she can actually recognize what’s on the screen.

All this good work for canines courtesy of …….aliens.
Ciao For Now Earthlings


  1. Finally. Someone with similar opinions as my own.

  2. I have to say the idea of intelligent life out there isn’t so stupid. Let’s assume that life is ubiquitous in the universe, some life will be at the bacteria or algae stage, some at a less complex stage like tiny fishes or flies, some will be higher life like mammals and birds etc. As planets and stars form every single day in the universe there are constantly places for life to settle, new worlds, new conditions, new life. Life could come in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes and all levels of advancement and peacefulness/aggressiveness throughout the cosmos.

    Now with that in mind all you have to do is the maths. The universe is 13.75bn years old, the Earth is 4.54bn years old. That means the universe is roughly 3 times older than our planet. Our planet has been a lifeless rock, then had basic life, then evolution and life forms. Then our planet had an extinction level event (probably a meteor) which wiped out a lot of life and it all had to start again and life including us humans then evolved. All of that in less than a third of the time the universe has existed. Imagine if a planet had formed around a star say 1bn years after the big bang and had life evolve on it, it would have existed on that planet around that early star for 7 or 8 bn years before Earth was even formed. Now imagine if an intelligent life form evolved over say 1bn years, could have happened. Imagine the technology and the intelligence they could have. We as humans know it doesn’t take 1bn years to evolve into rudimentary space flight. 200,000 years after the first homo sapiens walked across Africa they were walking on the moon… only 200,000 years. Imagine where we’ll be after another 100,000 years (if we don’t blow ourselves up in the meantime). The fact is if life is ubiquitous in the universe it was kicking around millions and billions of years before even our planet formed.

    And aint it weird that all of the major religions look to the sky daddy, the man in the clouds, where did that idea come from? He could be underground, in a cave, under the sea, but nearly all religions (big or small) say he’s up in the heavens. You don’t have to believe in religion to look at that and wonder why?

    There is more to this universe than we can possibly ever know or imagine or understand. The truth is out there doc, and so is life.


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