Posted by: docdenbow | January 2, 2012

Wolves – Mid Season Thoughts

I don’t get to watch my beloved Wolves very often. I live in Swansea so the only time I get to see a full game is when it’s on Sky or I can watch a dodgy stream. This season I am fast becoming a pissed off Wolves fan. Once again a season that started brightly enough has seen Wolves tumble and tumble to their accustomed place just outside the relegation zone. So what’s wrong? Well, I’m no football expert – more of an armchair fan really, but something must be wrong.
I read Wolves forums week in week out where this season I have seen loads of people bemoaning the fact that Wolves have been on the wrong end of a few (or a lot) of refereeing decisions. Be that as it may but surely one bad decision in a game shouldn’t cause a run of defeats and capitulations and a lack organization week in week out. If Wolves were a side that ever looked like winning, and looked unlikely to conceded a goal then a bad decision by a referee would be largely academic.I have seen from websites the amount of possession the Wolves manage to get in games. Very rarely is it anything like equal with opposition. That leads me to think that we have an ineffectual midfield and are pretty crap at keeping the ball when we’ve got it.
Look at Swansea for God’s sake! Before they ended up on Match Of The Day how many of their players had you heard of? I’ll take a guess Luke Moore, and you’ve only heard of him because he played for WBA and everyone then has to hate his guts. Yes, Swansea  play well, keep the ball. They stop teams playing because they don’t give the ball to them. It’s not rocket science. Oh yes, and their players are crap because they’ve gone from the very bottom of the football league to the Premier. Give me a break.It’s all about organization and tactics. Formations mean bugger all if your players don’t gel. Players who are technically inept have no place in the Premier League. Players who can control a ball, pass a ball and know what’s required of them, they have a place.
Do we have that at Wolves have technically sound players? I dunno – the results suggest not as do the possession stats. It’s all very well being a team of triers who all “put shifts in” and are unlucky week in and week out -that doesn’t get you points.I have no idea what to suggest. Should Mick be replaced? I really don’t know – but I do wonder what a new manager would achieve with players available at the Molineux. We’re not likely to find that out anytime soon and I fear that Wolves are in big trouble right now and I really can’t see us getting out of the bottom 3 once we slide into it.

Yes call me a doom monger and all that, but it’s time for a reality check lads and lasses.

Ciao For Now With A Tear In My Eye


  1. It’s Luke Moore you clown!

  2. Well yes, you’re quite right! My bad!

  3. I don’t think Mick should be replaced because he has got us playing well. We need to get a centre half and drop Stearman cus every goal we concede has something to do with him being out of position or not making a challenge. I went to watch Wolves Vs Swansea this season. It was a crucial game at the time, the atmosphere was terrible and it came at a time that if we had lost Mick would have been sacked or faced fans booing outside the ground in gangs of hundred baying for blood. They played us off the park (but we were awful too) and deserved to be 2-0 up. I still dunno how we salvaged a draw with 2 late goals but it saved Mick the chop. We have had some bad decisions from referees but as you say one or even two bad decisions in a match doesn’t change the fact we play 90 minutes and have at least four chances on goal during that time, often more. Wolves are two wins in a row away from an unbeaten run. It’s all about confidence. I fancy points against Villa and Liverpool in our next 2 home games later this month. 4 points likely, 6 points hopefully!

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