Posted by: docdenbow | December 23, 2011

It’s My Birthday & I’ll Blog If I Want To

Alright, alright so I said I wasn’t going to post unless TV tedium got to me. Well, it hasn’t. Not yet anyway. It’s just that this bloody WordPress thing has decided to display my posts in the wrong order and the one I rather fatuously called C.S.I. Bethlehem seems to have jammed itself as the top article. I feel either a re-write coming on or I’ll have to completely delete the article.Righty ho! Today is my 53rd birthday. Can’t really believe that I am 53. It sounds so old! I don’t feel old though, I feel just like I did when i was 25 or 18 or 14. A little wiser certainly, but really no different. I mean today I have been giving a few “tunes” a spin. The song that’s currently whizzing around in my head is “Fat Lip” by Sum 41. An absolute corker of a track with an infectiously bouncy video. I am, however, aware that my own personal bouncing should be kept behind closed doors as I don’t want become party to the “Dad at a wedding syndrome,” and although my brain may be young the ol’ knees may well let me down. I’ve touched on this before age is nothing an attitude multiplied or divided by a number. A bit of spiritual algebra I guess. I shall have to check that out that I’m using the correct term for this theoretical equation with my daughter’s “significant other,” who has a Ph.D in difficult sums. So being in your 50s is exactly what you want to make of it, nothing more and nothing less.

Going back to “tunes” it’s true to say that I’ve stuck more or less to the bands I listened to when I was in my teens and twenties. The thing is those bands and performers who haven’t succumbed to the perils of the rock and roll lifestyle are are going strong. My own favourite, Glenn Hughes passed 60 this year and he is a long way from picking up his pipe and slippers. He tours almost continuously and the energy he puts into his live shows is on a par with someone half his age. Ok, so you may say I’m stuck in the past – maybe I am in terms of my musical tastes but I know know as I head towards my pension I’ll be listening to Mott The Hoople, Ac/Dc, Aerosmith, Deep Purple and the like. No drifting towards semi consciousness and MOR for me.

BUT I do have a guilty pleasure musically speaking. I have about 5 albums by this gifted individual. (Deep breath Den. Deep breath.) I absolutely love the music of Matt Monro. A singer better than Sinatra, with more control and a more satisfying timbre to his voice. He recorded some fantastic songs “We’re Gonna Change The World” possibly being the last of his great recordings and “My Kind Of Girl” being his breakthrough worldwide hit – a song all of you know, even if you don’t know you know it. If you liked Robbie Williams’ “Swing When You’re Winning” album then give Matt Monro a go, you’ll be in for a treat.

Music is a strange mistress someone is bound to have said. That’s too profound for me to have uttered with any originality. Music is a roadmap of our lives. I genuinely feel that those who do not truly love music are somehow missing out somewhere in their lives. There must be a gaping void in their psyche. I can put dates on experience by records I bought to either add to my collection or to give away to my teenage crushes. To me music puts me into a place and time in my life, some events really important, others really trivial. World events too can be mapped by music. Sad to say that Number 1 in the UK at the time of the 9/11 attacks was the now long forgotten “Mambo Number 5” by Bob The Builder. I guess that blows that theory out of the water.
In terms of my own musical ability it pains me to say that it is strictly limited. True I own 3 guitars but my level of expertise is pretty limited. A few open folk chords, a selection of barre chords and the odd bluesy lick. Perhaps I should practise more. Or even at all. To me playing guitar is not unlike standing beside an outdoor swimming pool on a snowy crisp January morning. Too bloody cold to dive in, but really enjoyable once you have bucked up the courage. Maybe I should dive into that pool in January, and not a metaphorical one either. There are beaches close to where I live so perhaps I should throw myself into the waves and come back to life! It would be a shock to the system and it would certainly blow the cobwebs away. It would be great to feel the sand between my toes and the surf in my face once again.

I just want to finish this, my birthday blog post, by telling you that I write all of my posts “off the top of my head.” The only one I ever planned was the “Epilepsy – My Story” post. I start with an idea and sometimes stick to the plot, and at other times just bang out a stream of consciousness. A quick spell check – think up a title and up it goes…so now you know!

As always….

Ciao For Now





  1. Hey Doc, a lovely post. 53 is no age at all, you’ve still got twelve years to pick up your pensions, that of course if the Tories don’t move the age of retirement to 95. I agree with you about music, it is a roadmap of our lives. Music evokes memories, be they good or bad, and remind us of times in our lives. I certainly get a shiver down my spine when I hear “Candle in the wind” because on that fateful Sunday morning back in 1997 I had to get up at 6am and go to effing work!!! I hate working Sundays and have refused to ever since. I like you own a guitar, well I say own, I found it in the loft and re-strung it. Many years ago I learned about seven chords of which I can remember about four. Last year I bought a book that was called something like “Guitar Chords Made Easy: Learn To Be Kirk Hammett in three easy steps!” or some kinda bullshit book… I aint read it once. The guitar is glorified coathanger but it looks good (to me! I don’t let anyone else see it in case they ask me to play it).

    I’m also glad that you write your blog posts off the top of your head, it proves you are a good writer with a good internal narrator and it saves wasting time planning when you could be spending that time listening to AC/DC and Sabbath!

    Blog you later,


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