Posted by: docdenbow | December 15, 2011


In show business they tell you not to work with children and animals. Well, in my current position and in many of my past positions I’ve done both. That’s not to say I’ve worked with toddlers and chimps but merely so called adults who act like either one or sometimes both. Educated by documentaries on the telly I’ve discovered that chimps masturbate frequently and it’s probably fair to say constantly. Toddlers often cry when they don’t get their own way. See where I’m going here? Yup, a lot of the animals  I have worked with are complete and utter wankers and the children are so childish that they take your breath away.The workplace is an interesting place sociologically speaking. We spend most of our waking hours away from those we love the most and spend it with people we may not choose as friends if we met them socially. Perhaps it’s just me but when I’ve moved on from a job these workmates who you think are friends fade away into the distance to be replaced by new friends when you work elsewhere. If you move from job to job I guess this goes on and on. It makes me think that the only ones who have true and constant friends are those people who are terminally unemployed or have shared hobbies or pastimes. Mind you in this monument to destruction we call society, or in Cameron’s case the Big Society, is unemployment a hobby, pastime or lifestyle choice?My personal opinion is that unemployment is largely a lifestyle choice. For many of our teenagers, the XBox generation, the idea of going out to work for less that Wayne Rooney earns is in their twisted little skulls beneath whatever dignity they think they possess. They would rather slop around in a Primark tracksuit and gob all over the floor and vandalise bus stops than do anything meaningful, useful and socially valid with their pointless existence. “I can’t get a job!” they wail. “The boss is a prat so I nutted ‘im!” they screech. “I got the sack ‘cos I was late for work ‘cos I was pissed on White Lightning the night before!” they sob. They turn up on Jeremy Kyle’s show denying responsibility for children they have fathered with forlorn looking often tubby girls who seem bewildered by the bright lights, JK’s screams of “Put something on the end of it!” and you see tears running down their cheeks as they say to Jeremy “I love him.” In the name of all that’s Holy they make me puke.

Talking of things that are Holy with a capital “H” why is it we only see cheap white trash on JK’s show? I am certain that poor housing, unemployment and social deprivation is not something that is owned by the UK whites exclusively. These alleged Christian white folks are seemingly amoral and have the attitude that “the DHSS helps those who helps themselves” (by shoplifting)  Often the extended family is fractured and splintered by infidelity, women bearing children by several different fathers, and men having children by several different mothers. Is our white society descending into the oblivion that is Sodom and Gomorrah?

Interestingly enough the “fable” of Sodom and Gomorrah is also synonymous in Islam. Have Muslims begun their descent into impenitent sin as many are now resident in the UK? Will the Jeremy Kyle shows of the future feature Muslims who are Muslims in name only? Will their religion fade away as they too are lured by X-Boxes, Carling Black Label and X-Factor? If only some of the mindset of people of all those different religions of the Indian sub-continent would rub off onto the the white trash of the UK, then and only then will our society truly have any chance of becoming the Big Society.

Ciao For Now

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