Posted by: docdenbow | November 26, 2011

I Know It’s True 22/11/1963

For quite a few years now I have read and read and read books about the assassination of John F. Kennedy on that fateful day 22nd November 1963. Since the advent of the internet I have delved still further into plots, subplots, conspiracies, theories, ideas and just plain good old nutjobs claiming credit (!) for killing  the 35th President of the United States. Yes I mean claiming credit! Just Google “James Files” and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve enjoyed reading them, however, thinking about how a group of Russians or Cubans or Mafiosi or rogue elements of the CIA or FBI or Right Wing extremists, or even Vice President Lyndon Johnson plotted individually and/or collectively or together to kill JFK and then hoodwinked an entire nation and placed all of the blame on a patsy ex-Marine who made the mistake of briefly living in Russia and working in a book distributors on the parade route and took “curtains rods” work with him on the morning of the 22nd November It has been widely argued that Lee Harvey Oswald was the victim of a conspiracy just as much as JFK was; and so to stop him testifying at his inevitable trial “they” arranged for a strip club owner to shoot him in a police station live on TV and be sent to jail for the rest of his life as a reward. Jack Ruby sure was a selfless kinda guy. Oh yeah and if you believe some of the “facts,” Oswald was his buddy so shooting him must’ve been a bit of a wrench.

The conspiracy theorists contend Lee Harvey Oswald’s prowess with a rifle was so rubbish that he couldn’t hit the proverbial cows arse with a banjo and that he didn’t have the time to fire the three shots that were heard on that Dallas lunchtime. Money was to be made and probably still is churning out books about who did what, where nad how.Other people like Gerald Posner made a fortune on writing that Oswald was guilty and backing up the conclusion of the Warren Commission. (Just an aside about Posner, he claimed to have spoken to several assassination witnesses in the research for his book “Case Closed” yet one witness by the name of James Tague flatly denies ever talking to Posner.)

Yes indeederoony I have spent many happy hours of my adult life investigating in my own little way just who was behind the shooting of JFK. I have bored my friends senseless with my pseudo lectures on why in a million years Oswald could not have been guilty and that if guilty he was one of  a few shooters in Dealey Plaza.

Then we get onto the Grassy Knoll. What is a Grassy Knoll? Where locally can I visit a Grassy Knoll? Is possible to have a picnic on a Grassy Knoll? What type of grass is on a Grassy Knoll? Is a Grassy Knoll indeed grassy? Oh yes and what is a Knoll a Knoll if it is not grassy? This Grassy Knoll apparently features a picket fence. Does this involve different types of fences standing around a brazier smoking fags and telling other fences that they are blacklegs?

So what conclusion have I drawn from my endless reading and pontificating? Well at one time I was a firm believer in the theory that JFK was murdered by persons unknown but the indisputable fact was there was more than one assassin. If you’ve seen Oliver Stone’s movie JFK just think “back and to the left.” But now, and I hate almost to admit it, I feel it likely that Oswald did indeed act alone. If there was a conspiracy then I think over nearly 50 years we would have some concrete evidence not some wishy washy facts and suppositions. so what changed my mind? Two things really. One is a quote by Norman Mailer about the Apollo moon landings where he said:-

“The event was so removed, however, so unreal, that no objective correlative existed to prove it had not been an event staged in a television studio—the greatest con of the century— and indeed a good mind, product of the iniquities, treacheries, gold, passions, invention, deception, and rich worldly stink of the Renaissance, could hardly deny that the event, if bogus, was as great a creation in mass hoodwinking, deception, and legerdemain as the true ascent was in discipline and technology. Indeed, conceive of the genius of such a conspiracy. It would take criminals and confidence men mightier, more trustworthy and more resourceful than anything in this century or the ones before. Merely to conceive of such men was the surest way to know the event was not staged.”
To me this can equally be applied to the death of the 35th President.
The second factor which really tipped me over the edge was a programme that I watched on the National Geographic channel called “The Third Bullet.” This fine film illustrated clearly that the 3 shots heard came from the window on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository and that previous time frame of 6 seconds to get off the 3 shots was clearly wrong and that for any one with shooting experience it was not a difficult shot.If you have any interest in the assassination of JFK have a look at the programme and National Geograhic’s page.

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