Posted by: docdenbow | October 24, 2011

Little Benny’s Tale Of Epilepsy

I received this from a friend by email the other day……..I know I said I wouldn’t bang on about epilepsy anymore but I think this needs to be shared. (I had no idea he’d had seizures in the past!)

“Hi Doc,

I can completely sympathise with everything you wrote, I myself was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 14, I had been tested when I was 7 but they just believed that I was a naughty boy, as would have mini temper tantrums but then the next day not know why I had been punished.
At the age of 14, I was getting petit mal attacks, just blanking out, no convulsions or anything, that cleared up by the age of 16 with treatment, Epilim and Tegretol.
At the age of 21, I crashed my car into a stone wall , writing off my car which was properly damaged, I woke up in hospital the next morning not knowing what had happened. I then kept having grand mal attacks up to about the age of 25, but had to be clear before doctors would allow me back to work. I was told by my consultant, that he believed it to be something to do with your body going through changes every seven years or so, this would fit in with the times I had been getting attacks in the past.
It was back in 1999, not long after my 25th birthday that I went to Canada on holiday, my brother is an air steward so we got cheap standby tickets for Toronto, this meant we turned up at the airport and if there was room on the plane we could get on.
Heading over to Canada was no issue, although coming back we were delayed by 3 days. Stupidly I had not taken extra medication with me, so I went to a pharmacy over in Toronto and was advised that the Epilim was more like a Steroid and there was nothing they could do about that, however the Tegretol was more of a suppressent, which slowed down brain activity. I was advised at that point that although they could not give me any prescribed drugs, that if I were to drink alcohol it would surpress the brain a little to tied me over til I could get home.
The four days I was without my medication made a lot of difference, I felt so much more alive, prior to my trip to Canada I felt sluggish all the time, and very tired. Without the tablets I was back to my old self. Upon coming home I did not take any further medication – though I would not suggest anyone do this. and to be honest I have not had an attack since…..
At the age of 26, I started working in IT. I absolutely loved my job, previously I had been a barman and a chef, did not feel safe going back into Kitchen work so studied in college and wanted to work IT.
Due to the seven year cycle thing, I was absolutley petrified of turning 28, as I did not want the epilepsy to come back, for the first 6 months after my 28th birthday I would tell people I was still 27, for the final 6 months I would tell people I was 29.
Thank fully I have been free of any attacks for the last 12 years or so now. And I do hope that you can finally get to grips with this and be free from these attacks once and for all… God knows you deserve it”
See we’re not alone with this condition.
Ciao For Now

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