Posted by: docdenbow | October 17, 2011

A Love Struck Romeo

Now I’m not going to write as to how things were better when “I wer t’lad” or when I was younger, because when it comes to the past many if not most of us look back with rose tinted spectacles. As well as the rose tint I think your memory of your emotions and experiences are often intensified due the fact most of the emotions and experiences were brand new to you. The memory of the first experience is usually one that stays with you.

Your first love; if you’ve never felt that shot to the stomach when you meet your girlfriend/boyfriend then I don’t think you’ve truly lived. You know, that weak at the knees feeling. No one ever forgets their first true love and the overwhelming feelings that you got from that. The teenage sense of the fact that you’d always be together and that nothing would ever split you up.

Mind you no one will ever forget being dumped – that broken hearted sense of pure injustice. Then there’s the guilt of being the dumper, knowing that you’re breaking someone else’s heart. There’s nothing nice about that. Well this is where I’ll tell you a little snippet about my teenage years, my rose tinted memories of my first girlfriend and my first love. Her name was Stephanie Brown.

Until I got to about 16 or 17 I was not the most gregarious of kids. For the greater part of my time in secondary school I was verbally bullied unmercifully. I don’t know what reaction this lot expected of me, I just did the old Gandhi passive resistance type of thing. The net result of this was I had no real friends and I spent many hours alone in my bedroom listening to my ever growing record collection. Was I lonely? Did I miss not having any friends? I really can’t remember. The one thing I wanted above all other things was a girlfriend. I don’t suppose I was a bad looking kid but if you rarely venture out and you’re not an habitual under age drinker, well then you are not going to get anywhere. Besides I had no real mates to go with.

I had one friend at school who was perhaps just as much a misfit as I felt. One night when I was 16 he had a party in his house. It was the latest in the round of parties and I was lucky enough to be invited to them all. The two lads who had picked on me were there as well but we were becoming friends again and we’d all been to other parties. Ironic that isn’t it? In fact I was best man at the one chap’s wedding. To digress slightly, Me, Martin and Mike were really good mates when we met each other in secondary school age 11 or 12. By the time we were 13 or 14 they seemed to hate my guts. by the time we were 16 or so we were mates again. Bizarre!

At parties before H’s, it was just a case of swigging Woodpecker and sucking on Players No.6 whilst trying to look sophisticated and failing miserably. Bryan Ferry I wasn’t. I was more like Brian from The Magic Roundabout. More often than not I’d leave these potentially happy and fun get togethers totalled pissed off, and sometime totally pissed. Well at H’s party something different happened. This girl who was in a different class to me at school (but in the same year) plonked herself down beside and began to chat. To be honest I’d seen her around but had never taken much notice as I didn’t think she wasn’t at all good looking and I didn’t fancy her one little bit; she was short, wore glasses and well didn’t seem to have much going for her.

The thing is when we were talking I realized that she was really nice and that I really liked her – as a person. After a while I excused myself to nip to the toilet and was called to one side by H and he asked me if I liked Stephanie. I said I did, and then he said the only reason that she had come was because she knew that I’d be there. My ego went through the roof and on returning from the bathroom I went in search of Stephanie. Well she was in what looked like deep conversation with two other girls from her class and I was very disappointed.

I looked around the room, there were about a dozen girls there and Stephanie was not really anywhere near the prettiest. But, hey needs must, I thought any girlfriend is better than none so I steeled myself to try to prise her away from her friends. There was no need for when she saw that I’d come back she came right up me and put her arms around my neck and said something like “I really fancy you. Will you kiss me?” Well as I said she was in my mind a “make do” potential girlfriend, and I wasn’t too keen on obliging in the middle of the room so I led her out into the H’s hallway which as chance was have it was deserted and readied myself for a snog. Stephanie looked at me and said that she wasn’t going to kiss me with her glasses on, and with that she took them off.

It was then that I felt that shot to the stomach.

She was absolutely gorgeous, pretty with sparkling eyes that you could really see when the glasses were off and a lovely smile and perfect clear skin. Those glasses would make any girl look ordinary and when Stephanie removed hers I was immediately truly, madly and deeply in love. We kissed rather inexpertly for a few minutes and then hand in hand we went back to the “party room,” Stephanie still minus the glasses. Well none of the other lads could believe it, for they could see what I could see and felt – I was hand in hand with best looking girl at the party, possibly the best looking girl in the school, maybe the best looking girl in Wolverhampton who all the time was hidden behind her hideous glasses. We were together for two and a half years, an eternity at that age, we’d gone on the odd little weekend away with a gang of mates and matesses (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!) I’d bought her a little eternity ring and she bought be a 9 carat gold signet ring. We were going to be together forever.

She dumped me in Pizzaland in Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun Centre and had a relationship with a positively ancient (40s) driving instructor.

You gotta laugh.

Ciao For Now




  1. Ah first love. It’s funny how you can look back now and realise you weren’t actually in love at all! Haha. 🙂

    • She was really special to me at the time – funny how time slips away…………..

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I like your inner voice doc. We’ve all of course been there, it’s great at the time and heartbreaking when it ends, but those early let downs give us the steel we need to cope as adults. Can’t run home crying when your in your 20s, 30s or 40s when you’ve been dropped like a penny in a well, gotta grin and bear it. A lovely read, I’ll retweet your link on my blog twitter, hope you don’t mind.


    • You can never forget that feeling of first love – and you never should, after all that’s part of growing up

  3. For what it’s worth worth this happened in a house on Goldthorn Hill…..

    • I know Goldthorn Hill! Up t’road ere by eck it is!

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