Posted by: docdenbow | October 1, 2011

Wolves 0 – 0 Ideas

With WWFC staying in the Premier League by narrow margins for two seasons, I had high hopes going into the third. Two signings were made in key postions and I certainly hoped to see improvment in results. After flattering to deceive in the first three games, that hope is dwindling as quality performances and even luck seem to have deserted us. Inept performances and mistake littered games seem to be the hallmarks of WWFC as the season has continued. Questionable team selection and limited tactical nous has left wondering whether the ever entertaining Mick McCarthy is really the man for the job.

I’d like to make it plain that this not a hatchet job on individuals, I’m sure I would enjoy being in MM’s company for an evening out, I’m sure Karl Henry is not a bad lad and Big George could get me fit as the proverbial flea. Mick I believe, is surrounded by some under qualified people at WWFC. I mean Terry Connor; would he get a job at any other premier league club? I seriously doubt it. The fact that he has outlived several managers at WWFC shows one thing – he’s cheap and has a good stock of clipboards. He strikes me as a yes man rather than the type of fellow who question some of Mick’s team selections……………..

“Yes boss playing 7 centre halfs and two full backs will baffle Real Madrid, they won’t know what to do.”

I think MM needs a strong personality at his side who is an astute tactician. There must be someone out the who could do a better job the our Terry. Who that would be I’m not sure, perhaps someone from abroad? An ex player with REAL experience, preferably recent. Trouble is any of the good ones with insightful knowledge of the game tend to end up on the telly. I tell you what – I’d rather have Steve Claridge than Terry connor – no reason, I just would.He’s played for just about everybody, knows the game – better I think than Terry Connor.

Then there’s the players. Karl Henry, forever immortalized for his brutal handling of Joey “powder puff” Barton at the Molineux last season will always have a place in our hearts. Well, as I said earlier I’m sure he’s a nice chap and all that -but a Premier League standard footballer he ain’t. Big George is another, he may develop into a top defender but he isn’t there yet. I’m also baffled as to why Nenad Milijaš seems to have been frozen out of the first team. He’s a top player who passes the ball well and seems a cut above most of WWFC’s 1st choice 11. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t “put a shift in.”

The one player we really are missing is Sylvan Ebanks-Blake he’s injured at present but he’s the only player in the squad who’s an out and out goalscorer. 46 goals in 114 games yet he can barely get a kick of the ball in the Premier League. Our Mick is crazy. SEB would be first choice for many clubs, and he’ll always get goals. Helps if you pick him though. Take the new boys to the Premier League Swansea City. They bought Leroy Lita and Danny Graham in the summer. I bet Brendan Rodgers rather have our SEB. If SEB moved on to another club I really wouldn’t blame him as I think that since WWFC got into the Pemier League he has been treated with the contempt usualy reserved for Nenad Milijaš.

I am so disappointed with way things are going at the moment I’m just glad I’m off to the Liberty Stadium
to see Swansea against Stoke. Should be a cracker. Brains versus brawn……

Toodle Pip !

Ciao For Now




  1. You are clearly very passionate about good old Wolves. I think we’re all hoping for signs of improvement. I think you made some good points here 🙂

    • Thanks for your very kind comments

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