Posted by: docdenbow | September 27, 2011

The Unreality Of Reality TV

Have you noticed just how much Reality TV is on our screens these days? I thought I had,but it’s virtually unavoidable. Obviously we’ve got the X Factor and Big Brother both ofwhich have spin off shows to string out the tedium still further. Then there’s the documentaries featuring fat people trying be thin, women with zero self worth are told that they can get their kit off in a shopping centre if they follow some handy hints from an oriental homosexual. Then we’ve got cops in the UK, traffic police and even that wonderfully skilled actor Steven Seagal showing his true colours as a moron.

I nearly forgot about the several zillion cookery programmes featuring so called celebrities who have fallen on hard times, the truck drivers who go bravely with their Yorkie bars across roads made of ice. It certainly has an imaginative title. Then there’s the fantastic Dog The Bounty Hunter – that bloke with yellow hair hanging in braids who catches crims with his motley entourage and then after the anticipation of violent confrontation usually finds the felon sitting in his pants watching cartoons with a six pack of beer at his side. It’s a real letdown – then Dog lectures them in the back of his SUV on the benefits of living a wholesome Christian life.

Then we have the sports related ones like UFC Ultimate Fighter where ugly blokes pummel each other in search of a big contract from the oily Dana White. We had The Contender doing the same for boxing, but when of the “contenders” killed himself after being eliminated it did rather take a shine off the format.

What comes next is the bear pit that is confrontational “help” programmes like the heavily scripted Jerry Springer, his one time bouncer Steve Wilkos and I guess many more. None of these including all of the many more can come close to competing with Jeremy Kyle. It makes me wonder what his qualifications are for offering advice on life skills and berating mostly under educated members of the underclass? Did he pick them up selling insurance? Did he pick them up as a DJ on BRMB? Did he pick them up whilst pissing his money up against the wall in a bookies? I think Jeremy owes us an explanation.

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    • Thanks for your very kind comments

  2. I’ve blogged following inspiration from your post here dude.

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