Posted by: docdenbow | September 26, 2011

Booting Contestants Off X – Factor !!

I haven’t blogged anything for about a week now as I can’t think of anything interesting to write about at present. I could write about my cravings for dandelion and burdock and how these cravings are all consuming and taking over my life. I could also tell you that I am currently writing about the adventures of Doc Denbow and Nursey, but I won’t for only one of those two statements is true the other is merely an exaggeration.

When I say I can’t find any interesting to write about that’s also an untruth, interest or lack of it is a most subjective commodity. I could write about the successes and failures of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, that would be of no interest to those who either have no interest in either WWFC or football – and anger those who like/love both but find my opinions noxious

If, however,I wrote an inside track of who the X Factor finalists of 2011 are and the fact that two contestants are about to get the old heave ho due to criminal pasts I suspect that would get a few folks interested. Would I be telling the truth? I don’t know but it would be information that I have found on professional looking websites by trawling through t’internet. X Factor is so like football it’s frankly unbelievable. Elsewhere on this blog I quoted Malcolm MacDonald – “You give your life to football and then it often forgets you. Football clubs have a bad habit of taking players in, making the most of them, and then vomiting them up once they’re too old or injured.” It would be quite simple to modify this statement and make it appilcable to the X Factor and Simon Cowell. Whatever happened to some of the “stars” created by starmaker Cowell? Have any gone on to lasting success under his influence? I can’t think of any. Will Young broke away as fast as he could and what’s her name, you know thingy, has been rather quiet at the moment.

Do know what gets me is that four lads with bad skin get called a group – that wouldn’t be so bad but Wand Erection were practically drowned out by the backing singers last year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they couldn’t play a musical instrument between them. But I’m old so what do I know?

I know this about X Factor 2011: 3 get canned before the finals. The most controversial was the decision to kick out Sian Philips, a 24-year-old, because she had a criminal record and served 10 days in prison but yet allowed Derry Mensah to join a manufactured band (The Risk) having served 18 months for robbery. Another favourite to get booted off before the finals is the extremely popular Lascel Wood. Someone has managed to find a pornographic video of him on the internet so bye bye.


Found this so couldn’t resist adding it.

Boys – Mentored by Gary Barlow:

Frankie Cocozza
Craig Colton
Marcus Collins
James Michael
Luke Lucas – Eliminated at Judges Houses
John Wilding – Eliminated at Judges Houses
Joe Cox – Eliminated at Judges Houses
Max Vickers – Eliminated at Judges Houses

Groups – Mentored by Tulisa Contostavlos:

The Risk – Boy Group with Charlie from The Keys, Derry & 2 others – Marlon McKenzie – Replaced at Judges Houses
2 Shoes
Nu Vibe – Bradley Johnson, Stefan Romer, Richard Milford, Jordan Higo & Ashford Campbell, Manufactured Boy Group
Rhythmix , Manufactured Girl Group – Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwell & Leigh-Anne Pinnock
The Lovettes – Manufactured Girl Group, made up from 2 members of Tress & a solo
Estrella – Eliminated at Judges Houses
The Keys – Eliminated at Judges Houses
Girl V Boy – Eliminated at Judges Houses

Girls – Mentored by Kelly Rowland:
Misha Bryan
Janet Devlin
Amelia Lily
Sian Phillips – Replaced due to VISA issues.
Sarah Watson – Replaced Sian Phillips
Jade Richards
Melanie McCabe
Holly Repton
Sophie Habibis

Overs – Mentored by Louis Walsh:
Goldie Cheung – Quit The Show after Judges Houses
Kitty Brucknell
Johnny Robinson
Jonjo Kerr
Samantha Brookes
Joseph Gilligan
Terry Winstanley
Carolynne Poole

Toodle Pip!

Ciao For Now



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