Posted by: docdenbow | June 14, 2011

9/11, Quests & Conspiracies

I have decided at my somewhat advanced age to go on a quest. At whose behest I hear you ask? Well nobody’s behest am I going on this quest, I don’t even known just what it is that I’ll be questing yet – just that I’m going on one.

Now in a normal quest, the hero (that’s me folks) aims to obtain something or someone by the quest, and with this object to return home from the quest. The object of the quest can be something new, that fulfills a lack in his life, or something that was stolen away from him. Here’s where the problem lies. I have no idea, absolutely no idea at all what it is, animal, vegetable or mineral that I am questing. I believe it can be an answer or universal truth so that doesn’t exactly help to narrow the field down now does it? Moreover I don’t even know why I am questing after it. Which is really a bit of a bugger if you want to get into questing – it helps if you have some inkling just what it is that you are questing after, that way then you may have some notion of where the object of your quest lies.

As I have no idea what it is I am questing, or intend questing it follows quite logically that I have no idea where it might be – or even whether it’ll fit in the house once I bring it home. What if it’s too big to fit into the spare bedroom? What if it’s impractical to transport it in the boot of a VW Polo? Where does that leave my quest? Will it be expensive this questing? At present I have but £9.11 in my pocket – and by Jove that is one spooky amount of currency.

Perhaps my quest is for ANSWERS. Answers to the BIG QUESTIONS. But are answers to big questions not pretty humungous themselves, and would they fit into the boot of a VW Polo? I know what I need – I need a sign and just maybe the fact that I have £9.11 in my pocket now is a sign of just what it is that should set out on my quest to obtain. The answer to the question revolving around 9.11. That’s it. This seems to be my “Eureka” moment. Those numbers must mean something and I need to find out just what the meaning is.

Perhaps the numbers are a time, or a date? Perhaps the height of a captive sasquatch? The map reference of a crashed UFO where alien life was finally confirmed as the crafts’ occupants lived? Part of a mathematical formula that will unlock the riddle of the Pyramids of the Giza plateau? Perhaps it’s the price in old money of a divine number of Mars Bars or packets of Spangles? Or perhaps a combination of the two? Hmm, nine Mars Bars and eleven packets of Spangles, there’s the rub.

Mind you it could be Marathons and Opal Fruits – at this stage there appears to be nodefinitive logic or answer why it should be one or the other. It is something that warrants much further detailed research and investigation. What confectionary based riddle am I chosen to solve here? Indeed am I the chosen one, hence this calling I feel to go a-questing? Is this my opportunity to gain revenge for a mouthful of rotted molars? I tell you that I demand answers, I have an obligation to my cariosity and dedentition to find answers as otherwise I may be taken over by my predeliction to bruxomania.

Perhaps something happened on the 9th November of enormous significance that requires me to find out about and expose to the world the truth. Apparently JFK was elected President of the USA on 9th November, the Berlin Wall toppled on that date and Charles De Gaulle the “great” leader of France died. But am I not teasing you? It is surely my quest to give you all some definitive answers about 9/11.

Yet are there any definitive answers about 9/11 that can be given? Voltaire said “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” With 9/11, the JFK and RFK assassinations then surely if conspiracies did not exist man with his insecurities about the fickleness of life and nature and his own place in the world would feel happier inventing one as it makes him more comfortable to believe in a massive state led conspiracy masterminded by dark forces than just some random acts irrevocably changing the world.

Dark forces can be stopped and exposed, but how do you stop one or a few determined fanatics? With the greatest of difficulty I would opine.

I don’t mean to be flippant when I refer to these events occuring randomly, but the idea of massive conspiracies involving dark shadowy groups does not sit easy with me as human beings find it very difficult to keep any kind of secret, let alone secrets of that size.

With the JFK assassination you would have thought that after nearly 50 years that there would be some creditable stories than CIA controlled Mafia hit, or with RFK a classic “Manchurian Candidate.” What can I say about 9/11 that has not been postulated elsewhere? Very little except we all know 2 planes hit WTC 1 and 2, I suppose the fate of the others is open a little more to question as we didn’t get to see it live on T.V.

So is that the root of the consiracy in this the digital age? If it is not recorded it didn’t happen? A little like the tree falling in a forest, if there is no one there does it make a sound? These days I’d suggest that that idea could be bought up to date with the idea that if it’s not available to view on the internet then it did not happen the way we are being told – or did it?

In conclusion, please advise me as to where my quest may lie as I am as you can see in great need and would welcome any help and guidance that may be forthcoming.

Ciao For Now



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