Posted by: docdenbow | June 6, 2011

Thoughts On Laptop Repairs

The trouble with being “the guy who knows a bit about computers” in the local pub is that each and every laptop that gets passed to you to “look at as I’m sure there’s not much wrong” and “besides it’s only just out of guarantee” belongs to a bloke, and he has inflicted software problems onto this piece of wonderful modern technology, i.e Windows related error messages, the laptop won’t boot and so on is usually caused by illegal file acquisition, misuse or misunderstanding of security software, and oh yes PORN.

So there you spend countless hours de-junking, de-virusing, removing malware, defragging, uninstalling file sharing programs, browser toolbars before you finally take a peek in the download folder and find PORN videos, and lots of nasty little files.

It makes it difficult to look the chap in the eye when you’ve cleaned the PC knowing the sort of filth they’ve been looking at. For my reward I usually prefer payment in coins as at least coins can be washed in the sink as it does trouble me that paper money may have the same contagion that no doubt happened to several boxes of Kleenex in the aforementioned gentlemans’ residence.

So what do a I recommend? Well my best advice is to make sure that you pay me, that way you do have my silence. I see myself as some kind of Priest and as long as what I find features consenting adults your secret is safe with me.

Ciao For Now



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