Posted by: docdenbow | May 24, 2011

Epilepsy -The Secret Of My Psychosis?

With my previous posting “Hobbies, Laziness & Classic Epileptic Personality?” you may have come to the conclusion that I have self diagnosed myself as an individual with very nearly 20 major personality flaws – all of which explain the “secret of my psychosis.” Well, I’m not sure it’s not complete and utter bollocks.

Here’s why – consider this, I am going to write out a few lines that will be applicable to just YOU. Yes you sitting in front of the screen and no one else. Here goes.

“You have a great need for other people to like and admire you. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. Disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. Security is one of your major goals in life.”

See – I reckon at least 85% of you out there think that the statement above sums them up pretty accurately. In my opinion if the other 15% were honest it would apply to them as well. Does this make me some kind of mystic? Do I have the “gift?”

Well obviously not – if I had the “gift” don’t you think I’d be bashing away on a WordPress blog? Do me a favour! No, what I’m getting at is that something as wide ranging as Classic Epileptic Personality is utter tripe as ANYONE can read through that profile and pull a good few traits and apply them to themselves, or can they ?

Ciao for Now



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