Posted by: docdenbow | May 10, 2011

Public Image

“What you wanted was never made clear
Behind the image was ignorance and fear
You hide behind his public machine
Still follow the same old scheme.”

Well it seems that anyone who uses Twitter, and probably anyone who knows how to use Google can work out just who these celebrities are who have taken out out these “super injunctions” to stop all media from publicising their misdeeds.

The only ones who are happy about that are the solicitors, barristers and lawyers in general who charge exhorbitant fees so that the tabloid red tops cannot print with inpunity the identity of assorted actors, footballers & T.V. presenters who are doing assorted things most us would either be really proud to do or conversely would find both sick and disgusting. I suppose it depends on what they’re hiding of course.

You see most of this is not about protecting privacy. Oh no, not in a million years. It is all about preserving the earning capability and the good public image. Who, for example would watch someone on TV if they had read about his/her prediliction for having things stuffed up his/her bum? Well I guess it depends on the sort of programme that they’re in – but you get my drift?

I mean if I went of and had some illicit rumpy pumpy with some nubile young thing who then decided to tell the world, I’ve hardly got sufficient lucre to silence the wench have I?

I would have to live with the consequences of my indiscretions. So why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why should some overpaid celeb of dubious talent be any different? I thought, probably naively that we lived in a society where we share some level of equality. Clearly that is not the case. All I can say is long live Twitter and all who sail in her, that is except for Charlie Sheen – he’s just pointless.

Ciaow For Now



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