Posted by: docdenbow | May 5, 2011

Resistance Is Futile

Why are we now so sceptical about all news and statements made by both politicians and the police? Is this a sign of the “electronic age?” We all have a great deal of access to information and dare I say it, disinformation and has this led to the more intelligent amongst us not believing the same old crap that spews forth from the self serving individuals in positions of power?

What I am trying to say is that these characters can’t even tell a consistent lie, or untruth. They keep modifying and changing their stories so that actuality becomes more and more muddied by “facts.”

Take OBL for example. The reason the Americans have given for extinguishing his lights is the fact that he was “resisting.” Now amongst the “facts” reported from the mouths of the Americans, is the assertion that he was armed and using a woman as a human shield.

Then all of a sudden he wasn’t using anyone as a shield. Then came the revelation that he wasn’t armed but was resisting. I ask one question at this point. When you’re unarmed and faced with a bunch of HEAVILY armed U.S. Navy Seals ( and we’ve all seen the films ) how exactly do you resist? What constitutes resistance? The utterance of the words “oh shit you’ve me” spring to mind.

Whether OBL deserved to be summarily executed is not a point that I have any desire to debate – but as with the death of Jean Charles de Menezes it appears that the officers on the ground shoot to kill without thought of apprehending the miscreant, and also that the people in the corridors of power cannot even come up with a good cover story.


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