Posted by: docdenbow | May 3, 2011

CSI Abbottabad

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. That is of course unless your initials are OBL or your name is Nick Clegg. If your initials are OBL I’m not entirely convinced that you didn’t actually die in Tora Bora (wherever that is) a few years ago rather than in a Hollywood style shootout in suburban (!) Pakistan.

The news reports in the main have left me expecting quotes from Horatio Caine with sunglasses being removed for added emphasis, and lots of cliches about justice.

It’s just all too neat and tidy. Besides that, they say they knew it was him because of DNA analysis. All well and good, but what were they making comparisons with? Here’s a dude who had 51 siblings so although he had many half brothers he was also in many senses an only child. I’m guessing his parents are both dead.

In addition he hardly kept a flat in downtown Miami where H and his guys could swab hairbrushes and the like and say “Yup, this is the guy.”

They may as well have just handed him a mirror and asked him to look into it and ask if he recognized the face looking back at him.

Having said a few things about the “death” of OBL I must say I don’t like Nick Clegg – there I feel much better for saying that. He has sold his soul for a seat at the high table. I would ask how he sleeps at night, but that is a pointless question as I already know the answer. Indeed a year is a long time in politics.

I take this quote of Clegg’s from The Guardian

1 May 2010: “There is just a gulf between what David Cameron stands for and what I stand for, in terms of values, in terms of internationalism, in terms of fairness, in terms of progressive tax reform, in terms of political reform, in terms of simply living in denial, as does Labour, about a major problem of their creation in the immigration system.”


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