Posted by: docdenbow | May 2, 2011

Music or Muzak?

When it comes to music I have very wide and somewhat eclectic taste. I don’t like to be too much of a pseud about this, but as long as music touches me and moves me, then it’s good and I’ll listen -sometimes with a passion.

I have albums of heavy metal, jazz, folk, blues, world music and even a dash here and there of classical. I just love an artist that delivers passion. Which is why it’s “yes” to Satriani and “no” to Malmsteen for example.

Although I avidly watch the X Factor (usually for the deluded nutters who appear early doors) the resulting winners are really only a few paces north of muzak. I firmly believe that most of the Cowell controlled dross that spews forth from the Syco lable is “music for people who don’t like music.” The same goes for the excrable “Glee.” Pasteurized pap for the never generation. Grow some kids – grow some. And besides something else must be important to you in your lives.

Now I’m not pretending here that I am some kind of uber taste meister – the only one who has the answer to what is good or bad – but John Lydon Vs Joe McElderry? Well at least John used to “mean it Maaaan!”


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