Posted by: docdenbow | March 8, 2011

Tuesday 8th March 2011

Like Brian Griffin, I fancy myself as a writer. Also like Brian Griffin I cannot tell whether  the stuff a pour out is good, bad or prententious drivel.

The writing I do here in my blog doesn’t coun’t as this is just me thinking out loud in the main.

I wrote 45,000 words of a full length and unfinished novel. It like me ran out of steam and in the years since, I have found it hard to come up with either the idea or the inspiration to start something afresh. Hence you will (if you have read any of my stuff here) have noticed a couple of disjointed incomplete “stories” that were written as an attempt to get going again.

If I can work out how this bloggie thing works so that I can add it to a category or something I think I’ll stick a chapter or two up for you to read

Ciaow For Now



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