Posted by: docdenbow | March 4, 2011

Home Thoughts From Cymru

I guess that now is as good a time as any to add further thoughts to this my blog, that no one reads. It occurs to me that I could write intensely private stuff here as a cathartic confessional secure in the knowledge that my secrets are safe with me. No matter the temptation, I will not fall into that trap.

5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Swansea, birthplace of Dyla...

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I’ve just come home from visiting my home town, Wolverhampton, and was struck by how for me it was full of ghosts. Not unlike in Dylan Thomas’ “Return Journey To Swansea” (where I now live) which is the story of a precociously talented writer as he wanders the streets looking amongst the bombed-out ruins for the ghost of the town which he grew up in and for himself? Now I am no way a precociously talented writer, but I can relate to seeing my hometown 30 odd years on as full of ghosts and ruins. What happened to my friends? What happened to the Lafayette? Or is my feeling about ghosts the manifestation of the fact that I am a ghost myself?

Although I follow the Wolves keenly from a distance, I haven’t set foot in the Molineux since the late 1970s. I see every change made in Wolverhampton as being a change for the worse with Summer Row being a dilapidated ruin, and Wolverhampton Market just a deserted concrete outdoor windswept mess. Saying that though do I have any right to bemoan the social and physical state of Wolverhampton when I moved on and away more that 30 years ago? Did I forfeit that right when I left?

My best friend in the Black Country died a few years ago, far too young may I add, and with his death my link to the area feels like it was irrevocably severed. True I have my parents there, and I visit them, but considering I was schooled there, worked there as a young man, my past 5 days there made me realize just how much water has passed under the bridge.

If any one out there worked in HMV or BHS in wolverhampton in the late 1970s, or went to the Municipal Grammar School in the 1970s feel free to get in touch. We just may remember each other.

Ciaow For Now




  1. “this my blog, that no one reads”, not true. :-p

    • I’m glad you read it, hope you like it.

      Denbow ;0)

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