Posted by: docdenbow | February 19, 2011

Friends, What Friends?

At the moment I’m reading Danny Wallace’s book “Friends Like These,” and like all decent books it has set me thinking. The basic premise of this true tale is that our Dan is heading for 30 and is not over keen on that fact as it means he’ll have to grow up. At the same time he comes across an address book with the names of friends from his childhood and adolescence. These are the “Friends Like These” of the title and he sets about tracking them down.

English: Danny Wallace at Waterstones in Bath ...

Danny Wallace(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway without banging on too much about Danny Wallace’s book, it did set me thinking. Never in my life have I wished to visit my past or the people from it. I went to school with some, worked with others, had intense relationships with still more. Things happen and we move on. All of us. Yes I do think about the past. Sometimes I think about the past with more than a tinge of regret for my appalling behaviour towards a few people, especially one. I’d like to go revisit my past to right the wrongs that I did to people.

I’ve just read that last sentence and realised that the statements I’ve already made make me sound like some reformed monster – well I hope not. You see I moved from my town of birth and all of my mates when I was 21 and with the exception of 2 of them made no effort to keep in touch. Mind you they (apart from the 2) made no effort to keep in touch with me.  As a result I think I’ve grown into being a different kind of person because of that dislocation from my friends.

To this day I’m not exactly the most gregarious person that you’d meet. Possibly because I’m lazy and have few interests outside of my immediate family. Did this “lack of friends” stunt my personal development? I’m not sure, but I do realise that there was something different about me when I was 21, I was more certain – more confident and I did “get things done.”

What the hell happened to me ?

Ciaow For Now




  1. Very good book – love Danny Wallace’s work. In regards to keeping in touch with friends from the past, I think things like Facebook, Friendsreunited and other social media sites have made these things easier for us.

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