Posted by: docdenbow | February 16, 2011

Mid Life Crisis

It comes to something when you have a mid life crisis when you are past the point where even the most optimistic among us would see as the mid point in life – even with medical breakthroughs and stastistics proving that we all live longer. I am now of an age where I am looking down the barrel of a gun of increasing infirmity, approaching OAP status and this really is the worst, the realization that even Radio 2 plays music that is a bit too heavy for me on occasions. Giving matters some deep thought, I wonder whether at this mid life crisis point (hereafter to be known as MLCP) is something akin to puberty.

For example like puberty you become unsure whether motorbikes or tragically unsuitable girls/women are the best choice for excitement. Furthermore like puberty you make outrageous boasts when you really are old enough to know better, and attempts to illustrate your boasts are not lies or exaggerations usually end up when you are at MLCP in muscle strains, broken bones, a trip to casualty and a loss of face. Of course your good friends will be sympathetic to your plight once they have stopped laughing at you; and given that this is the 21st century stopped filming you for later upload to

When I can find the YouTube link I’ll post it

Ciaow For Now



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