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Man Or God? Who’s To Blame?

In the past, when things have annoyed me, I have tried to let things go. In the past I’ve been a bit of a doormat for people to walk on me without a care.

*Anyone who reads any of my ramblings will be able to guess what word comes next.*

*However*………However, I am a tad fed up of being treated as if I’m a clown. I’m not interested in trying to join in with things when it’s completely and utterly clear that my participation is not required and any contribution I make is dismissed.I have decided that as I get left out then I’ll stay left out and I won’t bother trying to ingratiate myself as it seems to get me absolutely nowhere. I could tell you what’s brought all this on. I could, but I won’t as it will make me sound petulant. Suffice to say my whole mindset is now irrevocably changed.

Two Airbus A319 of Germanwings at Stuttgart Ai...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changing the subject somewhat to something important and worth giving some thought to, I expect that you are sharing my horror at the Germanwings air crash in the French Alps. The news that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the aeroplane is beyond my comprehension and has certainly reinforced my fear of flying. What kind of world or what kind of God would allow this kind of thing, and other atrocities around the world, to happen? It’s all part of of God’s great plan is it? Try telling that to the relatives left behind. Besides just who is God anyway? A simple construction made by the collective psyche of humanity, perhaps?

Voltaire said ~ “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”?

Voltaire blessing Franklin's grandson, in the ...

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I wonder why he said that? Was he bored or pissed or what? Was he trying to start a fight with a Priest? I don’t know and why should I? No reason to be fair, to be honest. I’m not one of those philosophers with a candle and a quill. No, I’m not that. I’m not even close to being that I’m afraid; sorry to shatter your illusions so cruelly. In a nutshell I am unable, with my extremely limited intellect, take Mr. Voltaire to task for his statement. You know, ask him to explain it and back it up with some facts and diagrams even. I’m a bit too dense to do that. Anyway I don’t know where he lives and he’s dead. Voltaire wasn’t even his name, I guessed that much, as it sounds a bit too cool. No, his name was François-Marie Arouet and he died in 1778 so arguing with him about God in a language I don’t understand would prove to be trying for me and him. Probably best to leave well alone and then I can say I had an argument with Voltaire and earned a draw – away from home as well.  Now, I’m not going into the whole “Does God exist?” bit at all, but if you put God in the dock and asked for some answers then I’m sure you’ll find that Jeremy Clarkson was more candid after his “fracas” interrogation than God would ever be.

Anyway, if humanity did invent God my thoughts are really quite simple. There’s lots of people in this world who feel unfulfilled or live in grinding poverty and see wars and famine and diseases ravage whole continents and and countries. We see people wiped out by a virtual genocide of the Third World and terrible suffering faced by those who are left behind. The motivation for this invention of God can only be to give a reason for the state of the world and some reassurance that this misery is all part of a divine being’s grand plan – the masterplan where God knows what he/she is doing.

For myself I wonder if this divine being has lost the plot. Whether the modern world is too much for him and as the centuries have rolled on it’s all got a bit too much. I think he needed help a while ago and tried to make it a “God & Son” type of business. As you know the “& Son” got nailed to a tree and that was the end of the family business. Since then God has struggled and blames it all on man and man blames God for not sorting it all out. That has left both God and man in a real Catch 22 situation each blaming the other. Of course thrown into the mix we have man blaming man.

Bloody fantastic, eh?

So what are the answers? You’re asking me? I’m just a slightly overweight middle aged dreamer who thinks way too much and can use what little intellect that I have to tear things down and point out the bleedin’ obvious.


Go and ask Russell Brand and I bet you he says “paradigm.”

Ciao for Now


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I Read The Huff Post Today, Oh Boy

“I read the news today oh boy” ~ courtesy to John Lennon

The Huffington Post to be precise. something I saw there this morning upset me a great, and to be honest it still upsets me – greatly. It’s also make me feel like a fraud, a hypocrite and someone who has meant many, many years of his life feeling sorry for himself for no good reason. That’s right, I’ve spent a lot of time practically wringing my hands and crying “woe is me” for no good reason.

What an absolute arsehole.

English: Stevens-johnson-syndrome

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what was it I read in the news today that upset? It’s a story, a human interest piece, about a young woman named Khaliah Shaw. For whatever reason she was prescribed Lamotrogine (which is used to treat both seizures and bipolar disorder) and sadly, tragically and you may say horrifically suffered the worst of all side effects. She ended up with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome which begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by a painful red or purplish rash that spreads and blisters. Then the top layer of the affected skin dies and sheds. Khaliah apparently shed 90% of her skin and faces a long, long road of recovery.

The truth of the matter is that I have been taking Lamotrogine for a few years and have had no noticeable side effects. Not one. This drug was prescribed for to help to control the epileptic seizures I have had all of my life. I have taken Epilim for about 40 years and Lamotrogine was added as an insurance policy if you like. Yet, if I hadn’t have been such an idiot and taken my epilepsy problems seriously, then it’s entirely possible that I wouldn’t ever have put myself in a position where Stevens-Johnson Syndrome was a possibility, however remote that possibility may be. Yes, I have epilepsy but, and it’s a huge but, given my past drinking habits it’s something that has been surprisingly mild. True the seizures when I’ve had them have been Grand Mal but my lifestyle always put me in danger of a seizure happening.

Reading about Khaliah Shaw has made me realize what a tosser I have been. I have used epilepsy as an excuse for everything that has gone wrong in my life, rather than embracing the condition as part of me and living in a way where I would’ve been able to perhaps beat it by making the best possible lifestyle choices. You live and learn, eh?

That’s what it’s all about about, I suppose, “lifestyle choices.” Most of us are free to choose what we do with our lives, how we live. Most of us are in a position to make things happen and make some changes in their life. Some of those changes can be more radical than others, but changes can be made. For the sake of argument, it’s no use if you have unfulfilled ambitions if you don’t try to do something about. Of course the ambition has to be realistic, it’s no good saying that you want to be guitarist in Bon Jovi for example, but there must be something that you’d like to and you’re the only one who can make it happen. The question is do  you want it enough and is it worth it, the achievement you know? Only one way you’ll find that out.

Do I have have ambitions? No, I don’t think I do. Not for me personally anyhow. I have “pipedream” ambitions that I know I’ll never fulfill, but there is nothing wrong with daydreaming is there? The only ambition that I have is that I’d love to be a published writer. Realistically that’ll never happen because amongst other reasons I ain’t got the staying power to write anything worthwhile. Besides I’m not even sure that I can write well enough to sustain much more than a couple of thousand words anyway.

And on that note.

Ciao For Now


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Glad You Cleared That One Up Mr Amin

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before haven’t I? Haven’t we, rather. Another, yet another bloody politician apparently up to no good to climb further and further up the slippery pole of corruption. Bloody hell, can somebody tell me what’s so good about Dudley North that someone would manipulate, connive and get up to all kinds of shenanigans to become the serving MP? It’s hardly Virginia Water is it? Perhaps it’s the diamond mine under Wren’s Nest or the gold in them thar hills of Sedgley Beacon.

Afzal Amin, Tory candidate for Dudley North, is accused of plotting with the English Defence League and as a result Davey Camoron has had him suspended PDQ. Mr Amin is accused of plotting with the EDL to announce a march in Dudley North and then to scrap it to allow him to take credit. He apparently told the BBC he denied it was fake, saying it would have been a “catalyst to bring people together”.


Of all people EDL founder Tommy Robinson, filmed a meeting with  Mr Amin and shopped him to The Mail On Sunday as was using the EDL and Mr Amin as good as admitted what he’d been up to stating “It was simply a way of building confidence between communities.”

So that’s ok then, glad you cleared that one up Mr Amin.

UKIP is waiting for you…………there are vacancies.

Ciao For Now


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Morals? Society Has None

The UK is full of the pig ignorant, who do not have a thirst for knowledge, they merely want to have their blinkered views reinforced in any way available.Sadly for the rest of us there are many ways that these residents of Middle England can have their views validated. They are the goggle eyed goons who chunter on and on spouting their intransigent views at anyone prepared to listen; and often at people who simply don’t want to listen. Some of these cretinous bigots are given the oxygen of free publicity by the media and are lampooned by comedians and satirists. What they forget, however, is that these people are divisive, dangerous and self serving.

Picture of Jeremy Clarkson, on the set of Top ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take The Daily Fail in its coverage of the Jeremy Clarkson debacle. It has changed its stance and views so many times that it is difficult, nay impossible, to work out what the story is. Totally inaccurate reporting hasn’t helped and speculation about Clarkson’s health, drinking habits and love life have inch by inch made it to the forefront of their coverage. This is making the whole episode more sordid and salacious than it already is.

Of course, like those chinless Tory MPs, you can hear Middle England “hear hear” ing every inaccurate byeline in The Fail. Why should we expect different? They are as free thinking as sheep in a flock and believe as fact in any speculation that passes as news. It’s not just the UKIP voting, blue rinse tweedies that are in my sights.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the bug eyed brats. These lager loaded louts alternate their days between playing games on their X-Boxes and petty crime. The ones that can read go no further than the football pages in The Sun (unless they’re from Liverpool) and sweatily wait for the latest news on some overpaid scumbag.

From time to time they venture outdoors, usually to procure some weed from another youth who is sweaty of face and sports the complexion of a smack addict. Having scored they go to visit some ex girlfriend to deny once more that the baby she has is anything to do with him; and that he’s heard rumours that she was “putting it about a bit” when they were together. The gap toothed dentist’s nightmare toddles off in the direction of a mate’s flat to get stoned hoping to find some way to physically express his racist bigotry en route.

Fox Real Time logo on Fox News Channel''

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However, there are other things that perfectly illustrate the toxicity within our society. We’re in a world of blatant stupidity and hypocrisy when it comes to censorship. Fox News, for example, expressed total outrage when a Cub Scouts nature hike passed a nude beach visit and the kids got to see people, err, naked people. The images used by Fox showed a naked man walking away from the camera, but had a black box covering up his bum. This was done presumably to preserve our sensitivities, or rather the sensitivities of the American public. However, however, however, the same bloody Fox News saw fit to describe in graphic detail the execution of a Jordanian pilot. If that’s not double standards and really crass then I really and truly don’t know what is. It suggests that the people of the good old U.S. of A. would find non sexual nudity far more offensive than having to listen in almost pornographic, sensationalist and unfeeling detail about the demise of a fellow human being. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for this and brought to account for its lack of humanity. This type of behaviour by the media has a moral compass that points into the abyss of social depravity and is a malignant tumour on a balanced society.

Of course all of this is just my opinion. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m the only one who sees these things and actually cares enough to feel outraged. Surely I can’t be, can I? Naturally all that I’ve conveyed above is just pissing in the wind as nobody expresses anything similar apart from the likes of Russell Brand and Charlie Brooker. I don’t that they have any commitment to trying to change things. They just use faux indignation to gain publicity for their paid for projects. To me it feels like they’re playing a game, playing the system for all it’s worth. Why does no one care? Is it simply the “I’m alright Jack” attitude or the ability to blame someone else for social inequity as UKIP seem hell bent on doing. Me, I have no idea and I won’t speculate. What I do know is things aren’t as they should be in this world.

You may think that I’m a reactionary and miserable old man. You may think that I talk total rubbish. I doubt whether you’ve even read this far. I know you won’t even click like or comment and tell me that I’m talking trash.

An unheard voice in the wilderness?

I think so.

Ciao For Now




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I wonder who reads this blog, and looking at my recent stats there aren’t many of you. Some may actually thinks that everything I write here is true or actually reflects the way I feel. I think that sometimes I come across as a depressed so and so whereas all I’m trying to do is be a bit sarcastic and ironic. I think that because I write as I do, it would explain why this blog of mine is haemorrhaging what few readers that it may have ever had. I fear that it’s lost many forever, especially as I have been posting infrequently. My Google “findability” has gone tits up and I genuinely, yes really, suspect sabotage on that front. However, I’m not nearly clever enough to work out how this may have been done. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter does it?

To answer that question for you, no it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter one jot. However, I look at other WordPress blogs with envy when I see how many readers actually engage by commenting. These bloggers must get loads of vistors and I bet the comments drive them ever onwards in their writing. For me it’s just the same ol’ same ol’ and it is very discouraging.

Perhaps I’m hoping to acquire something that’s not there and I guess that it’s the same for thousands of other would be bloggers and writers.

What I have to decide is do I carry on writing and posting stuff on this blog or pack it in completely? I can’t think what to write about anymore and nothing “rattles my cage” as it has done in the past few years. For example, this was the basis of a post that I started a couple of weeks ago and quickly ran out of steam. I just felt that I was writing what had already been written.

“Eh, Jeremy Clarkson., eh? What a card! Has a “disagreement” with some mush over steak and some posh yet weird spuds. For that he’s called odious, disgusting and much, much worse. However, I can raise a much more damning criticism at him. He insists that Richard Hammond has had his teeth whitened as if that is a crime whereas he is in possession of teeth so brown and tar stained (brought on by years of smoking fags) that you would think that they were wooden. All in all I believe that Jezza is a bit of a git, but Top Gear is a very entertaining programme and just about the only decent regular series that the BBC shows.

I do think that the BBC are trying to use Clarkson to show how “politically correct” they are. Yes, the BBC will show its iron fist and then suddenly remember that Top Gear earns masses of spondoolicks and then realize that Top Gear is in fact “the goose that lays the golden egg.” Meanwhile I reckon Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May will bugger off to Sky or ITV and make some “car” show called “Flappy Paddle Gearbox” and Top Gear will be presented by Noel Edmonds (again) and The Chuckle Brothers until it finally putrefies and dies a lingering death. However, the fact that there is a groundswell of support for Clarkson is worrying as far as I’m concerned . A physical assault, no matter how minor, is gross misconduct and as a result that person should be fired. No “ifs” no “buts” Clarkson should be fired if he assaulted Oisin Tymon. Furthermore, his ability to upset the more PC sections society is second only to Godfrey Bloom and in many ways he would be an ideal UKIP candidate for Parliament. His careless tongue and misguided attempts at humour have offended many. Like Farage his beer swilling, fag smoking swagger makes him a man of the people – or so he thinks. Don’t forget that like many “influential” people, Clarkson was educated at a public school and has a bob or two.”

At that point I thought “bugger this” and promptly gave it up as a bad job.


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Starring Martin Shaw As…

My laptop is currently hors de combat so I’m writing this blog post as best I can on borrowed and equipment. Depending on how long it takes for said laptop to be returned to me, there’s a distinct possibility of me having to queue several blog posts until I’m able to publish them. I thought that you may like to know that. Anyway so while the lappie is away Denbow is struggling to get things down on *paper*, which is odd really. When I have the means to write, I have no idea what to write and when I’ve nothing to write on…..well I’m sort of bursting with ideas – ish.

I’ve been thinking – always dangerous – about television, or more specifically about what it is that I watch on television. I have had manic yet mercifully brief enthusiasm for the likes of Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Salvage Hunters and even Finding Bigfoot. I’ve found Dog The Bounty Hunter’s adventures to be gripping and have keenly followed the trials and tribulations of Les Gold and his family in Hardcore Pawn. I’ve watched repeated episodes of the The Jeremy Kyle Show.All in all my choice of TV programmes show clearly that I’m a moron.

So why am I telling you this? What has prompted me to unburden my innermost feelings and soul to you, dear reader? I fear that because I watch TV programmes of dubious or spurious merit that the 42″ beast is eroding what’s left of what intellect I have left. In recent weeks I have resolved to avoid these aforementioned TV programmes, but I have to concede that I have fallen off the metaphorical wagon a couple of times. I also have to confess that I have only succeeded in replacing one addiction with another.

The cast of New Tricks (top left: Alun Armstro...

(Photo credit:Wikipedia)

It all began innocently enough as these things often do. It began with an episode of “New Tricks” a police show featuring crinkly old ex coppers as portrayed by Alun Armstrong, James Bolam and Dennis Waterman. They work to solve “cold cases” Their boss, a Superintendent, was portrayed by the positively delicious Amanda Redman. I watched the odd episode on whatever Godforsaken channel it was on and then came the TiVo series link. Before I knew where I was, I found myself mainlining three or more episodes a day. I tried to shake myself, break away from the talons of Supt Pullman and Co. but in doing so I fell into the clutches of Judge John Deeds. This brilliant piece of television finds Martin Shaw in the title role portraying a judge called John Deeds. Then there’s “Inspector George Gently” in which Martin Shaw portrays a policeman called Inspector George Gently. This is set in the 1960s which gives chance after chance to look for continuity errors and stare longingly at old cars.I added to this this heady cocktail episodes of “Rebus” featuring Ken Stott and his magnificent proboscis. His gruff Scottish manner and his ability to smoke, drink and be miserable at the same time was impressive. All of this was topped off by occasional foul language which gave me plenty of opportunity to tut and shake my head. I was then seduced by re runs of “Midsomer Murders” and “Lewis”, only to find that I would remember the identity of the murderer in the last 15 minutes of the programme, thus wasting 90 minutes of my time on this mortal coil each and every time.

And now I’m sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of televisual despair for the other day I watched 2 episodes of “Doc Martin” which is about the life of a doctor in Cornwall. I found my finger hovering over the series link button on the telly box thingy and, I am ashamed to admit, finally succumbed, Diana Rigg’s “Mrs Bradley Mysteries” already set to record. To make matters worse I was idly perusing the *On Demand* bit of my TiVo telly box whatsit when I came across “Whitechapel” a detective programme starring Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davis as a mismatched pair of detectives. (It also stars Martin Shaw as Whitechapel -just kidding!) I munched greedily through the first 3 series in 2 evenings and have been left ready to pounce on the 4th series when it appears.

Anyhow, I have come to the conclusion that although these programmes are undemanding fiction, they at least don’t try to pretend that they are anything else.

Ciao for Now


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That’s Where It All Falls Apart

There are people for whom a simple hobby or pastime becomes an all consuming passion. Of course things other than hobbies can become all consuming passions. Good causes, bad causes, politics and religion can all create passions in us all that can divorce us from reason. Me, I don’t have any all consuming passions and have few, if any, hobbies. Writing this blog is perhaps the closest thing that I have ever had to a hobby and from time to time it has been an all consuming passion. However, I don’t spend my life encouraging and cajoling other people to become bloggers, writers or scribblers. If someone asks my opinion I’ll gladly offer it and then, and only then, I will encourage people to write. It would be exactly the same if someone asked me about my thoughts on them running a marathon, if I felt it was appropriate then I would offer encouragement and help where required. Then same principle applies, I suppose, to someone getting the writing bug.

English: Writing «Shit_happens»

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, I’m not writing about writing per se here. Neither am I talking about religion or politics. I’m not talking about anything that could be construed in any way as divisive. What I’m trying to say is that certain things that people do to occupy their time gives rise to a kind of Messianic zeal where their calls to recruit others to their pastimes or hobbies or lifestyle makes me uneasy on occasions. Laid out before you are the benefits, the joy, the satisfaction and the general feeling of wellbeing that this hobby or whatever may bring. Rarely are the frustrations, difficulties and sheer bloody misery is mentioned.

You see I think that you should only do something because you want to do it – obviously I’m talking the hobby/pastime thing here. It’s no good to be sat kicking your heels waiting for something to happen when you really need to make it happen yourself. I guess that I’m talking about a virtual bucket list here and that we live in a world full of opportunities so we should all try to take advantage of at least some of them. If, for example, you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar then nip down to the local music shop and grab your self a cheap acoustic and look on YouTube for lessons. You may never become great, but you may find you enjoy it, enjoy the process. In order to satisfy your dreams you don’t necessarily need lots of money you just need to have an open mind, a lust for life and the certain knowledge that it can all be over in the blink of an eye.

I’ll tell you a little story, shall I? About this time last year I heard this woman, the same sort of age as me, who was having some kind of mental difficulties. Panic attacks and so on. These episodes resulted in several visits to the hospital and her GP until she was finally diagnosed. She was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. I really don’t know the woman, just her story, but her story shook me to the core. Here was I, a reasonably intelligent chap, allowing my mind to pile waves of misery upon me and making me think of everything as futile and myself as worthless.

Then I made a decision, a decision that I would try to seize opportunities that came my way and if they weren’t coming then I’d do my best to make things happen. As I started to clear the junk out of my mind for no apparent reason I thought about my body and of how physically, with age, everyone starts to gradually fall to pieces. I concluded that as there’s little that I could do about it so it’s best to be happy in your skin, both literally and metaphorically and that on the whole I was. However, I felt that I needed to prove it and learn to come out of my shell and teach myself confidence, body confidence and self confidence.

That’s how I ended up at a Naturist Club, in effect testing myself in a way that I’d never tested myself before. I have to say without any modesty (no pun intended) I passed with flying colours.

What I’m getting at is that doing something I’d never done before, something I found incredibly challenging, empowered me to the extent that now I feel that there isn’t much that I can’t do if I set my mind to it.

That’s where it all falls apart.

Ciao For Now,


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Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

After my previous post, which on re reading, makes me appear to be a rather nasty sort of person, I think that I should make some sort of attempt to write something a little more upbeat. I could use my massive intellect, which in fairness is almost equal with that of Philomena Cunk to in turn to enlighten, educate, elucidate to you, my followers to the thoughts of this philosopher that goes by the name of Denbow. I could teach you mantras or in the manner of Kevin in that programme about big stupid houses give you a Grand Design for modern life. but my friends is it worth it? After all that pop group Blur made an LP asserting that “Modern Life Is Rubbish,” so who am I to argue the toss? Well as Twisted Sister shouted out for those not sure, “I Am, I’m Me.”

Blur were wrong, as they were about many things. Damon Albarn may feel Heavy Metal, but that’s the last thing he is, so his pop group’s statement that “Modern Life Is Rubbish” can only be seen as post pubescent rebellion along the lines of assorted One Directioners festooning their bodies with tasteless tattoos. Gone are the days when a Mildred could say to Johnny.

Marlon Brando - The Wild One (Madame Tussaud, ...

. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?”
and he would reply,
“Whadda you got?”

That’s a bit of a shame really, it really is. Johnny has not bugger all left to rebel against. It’s a shame really that all of the counter culture rebellion bullshit has been done before. “Turn on tune in and drop out” was said by Timothy Leary in the 1960s and that  little phrase still makes waves for the youth of today, turn on your X-Box,  tune in the TV that Daddy and Mummy bought and drop out of sight wanking yourself to unconsciousness to internet porn.

Like most of us Johnny has only got First World problems to rebel against these days. Our every whim is catered for, and for that reason modern life is not rubbish. It isn’t for me anyway. I think that if you are one of the retards that not only read, but also believe the contents of The Daily Mail then modern life is indeed rubbish. There are scare stories about everything giving you cancer and pandemics sweeping the globe. There are always serial killers on the loose and pensioners being beaten and robbed in their own homes. Don’t let them get started on Jeremy Clarkson or the weather or women looking a bit rough because they’re not 20 anymore.

Having watched a TV programme presented by Dr Lucy Worsley called “A Very British Murder” I decided that there is something about the majority of people that is fascinated by misery and horror. Apparently in the 19th Century the hits of the day were songs sung in boozers and in the streets about murders, for example there was a big hit with a song about the murder of Maria Marten by William Corder in the infamous Red Barn.  His execution drew a crowd of which the aforementioned One Directions would be proud of. As such, times haven’t changed that much in my opinion. Turn on the telly or pick up a paper or read the interweb news sites and you’ll see that it’s usually misery at the top of the page. That or sensationalist irrelevance about Kim Kardashian’s oily arse. We collectively rub our hands together outraged or giggling in equal measure. As a species, society we seem to have our priorities a bit oily arse over surgically enhanced tit.

The Jeremy Kyle Show (U.S. TV series)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what does the great DocDenbow think that the answer is? Well, I could say that I don’t know, but that would be being just as negative and self serving as I don’t want either me or the world to be. There is of course no definitive answer. None whatsoever, but what I do know is that whatever it is that we are doing we are simply doing it all wrong. What I do know is the answer isn’t to jump on bandwagons of blind prejudice and hatred blaming all of the ills on someone else. Take UKIP for example, Farage and his chinless cronies actually believe in the crass idea that “they’re coming over here taking our jobs….” Yes they may be coming over here taking our jobs, but a lot of them are being taken because the bone idle population of the UK can’t lift their arses off the settee to actually go to work. That may well get in their way of taking their toothless selves onto The Jeremy Kyle Show to get their sundry drug and alcohol habits via the Christ like figure that is Graham.

I’ll tell what at least part of the answer is. We should have fun, all of us. We should enjoy ourselves and do our damndest to get others to have fun, to join us. We should be open, honest and truthful. We should accept ourselves and others for what they are and not judge people just because they are a bit different. You know, have a different view on how they want to live their lives. Of course those freedoms to live as we please should be taken with caution as we don’t live in an ideal world – far from it.

However, we’re far from doomed yet. Just as feckless self serving, narrow minded and dogmatic people may be, they can be encouraged to change. They can be invited to the party, they can be showed that they can be happy and fulfilled. Some of us need to see the road signs that can lead us along the way. I’m not talking religion here, I’m talking humanism, acceptance of other and being accepted in turn.

Perhaps everyone should do as I did which was get *clicky*> naked for a day <*clicky* even though I’ve been derided and condemned roundly for doing so.

Ciao For Now,



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In the main I despise the human race. I don’t like crowds, I’m not a big fan of socializing and people simply get on my bloody nerves. Mind you, I probably get on everybody else’s nerves so I suppose that just about evens things out. However I want to be a writer, or to put it another way I have delusions that I am a writer, so my misanthropy does tend to get in the way a bit. If you have little or no love of people in general it’s difficult to write interaction or even imagine social situations in which you don’t take part. Tricky, eh? For that reason, I think, everything I’ve written that I think is halfway decent, is written in the first person. Most of the time I haven’t a clue what people are thinking so when I try to write fiction that naïveté comes through.

English: All time social interaction between u...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get all introspective and self analytical I think I’ve sort of worked out why I am as I am. I think it’s just that I expect too much of people. I expect them to be open, candid and share things – you know thoughts ideas and stuff. Share who they really are and not who they want you to think they are. In the last ten years I’ve only met a few people who struck me as open and honest, who were prepared to share their ideas and experiences and selves. It’s weird that sections of society that society thinks are weird are really less weird than those who think they’re weird in the first place. (Huh, you get what I mean?)

I can sense now that you are frowning and scratching your collective heads whilst you think,
“What the bloody hell is the matter with Denbow now?”
You may be wondering whether Denbow is a manically depressed wizened old sod who really should start drinking again in a last ditch attempt to preserve his sanity. You’re quite entitled to wonder whether Denbow is a manically depressed wizened old sod. However, Denbow is not a manically depressed wizened old sod.

And to quote Prince Hamlet – “Aye there’s the rub.”

You see, in principle I like the idea of a busy social life where I’m surrounded by friends. Yeah right, that’s the principle, but most people are wankers and my idea of this busy social life is more than a little like a view of an ideal world. You dream of one, but you know it just ain’t going to happen. Ever. My ideal social life will never happen either because I know of no one who shares my interests and as I’ve alluded to I’ve given up the demon drink so a visit to a hostelry holds absolutely no attraction. None at all.The tragedy of my social life is that it used revolve around “getting a few down me.” As someone with epilepsy I’ve realized far too late in life that this was never a good plan and given the fact that after 5 years of cutting down I have stopped altogether means that my tenuous grip on the last lifeline of a social life has gone. It’s slipped away, probably for good.

Does it bother me, you know this almost total lack of social interaction? Does it? Should it bother me?Would it bother you? Think about it for  moment, man is supposed to be a social animal, living in packs and having a collective strength. Without social interaction are you stronger, tougher and more able to cope with adversity. On the other hand are you weaker, more vulnerable and isolated craving company? I think that the answer lies in between the two. On one hand being in a group just for the sake of it is futile and totally meaningless, but on the other hand being alone is only a good thing if it by choice.

Ciao For Now,


Posted by: docdenbow | January 18, 2015

Do I Carry On Or Just Watch TV?

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My Twitter friend @TraCeyLambo has recently suggested that she may call time on her wonderful little blog, . I think that people like us (and @bilstonjay) often feel like wrapping the whole thing up and packing it away. For myself I started writing my blog four years ago and have written quite a lot in that time on all manner of subjects. Some posts have been good whilst others have been not so good. I’ve been happy that people, no matter how few, have actually read what I’ve written. I have had some posts read by loads of people and others barely read at all. One post in particular picked up over 2,500 hits much to my surprise as the intention was not to grab readers by writing something controversial, but to merely express my thoughts and beliefs.Anyway like @TraCeyLambo I’m wondering why I’m spending my time writing a blog and I’m beginning to resent the time that I spend thinking of subjects to write about.

I always have a few half baked ideas, but after some unpleasantries in 2014 I am wary of writing too much about myself – certainly not in the way I have in the past. That’s the thing, I really won’t write about myself anymore and give fuel to the nasty bastard who insisted on repeatedly posting vile stuff on the comments section for me to read. So saying that anything I’ve already written stays there as those posts have already been used as the source for abuse.

I’m actually writing a very long post post at the moment – not this one – about stuff that happened to me in 1984 with a few comments on what was happening in the great wide world that year. That’s a bit different for me as I’m trying to relate a true story, a snapshot in time if you like. I’m not going to go on about it and give the details away but hope that when it’s published that you read it and enjoy it.

Moving on, any of you saddos out there been watching Celebrity Big Brother? You have? Oh dear, whatever can you be thinking? Are your lives so empty that you have to see the Sawalha woman showing some alarming tendencies and Katie Hopkins (@kthopkins) being a bit bored?  What about that Perez Hilton creature? The man is so intelligent that he commented that Michael Jackson’s death was nothing more than a publicity stunt? Yawn! I mean, I haven’t seen any of this turgid #CBB2015 that passes for entertainment. I’m not so friendless that I can only only feel kinship via some carefully edited tripe with a voice over by a male version of @CherylKerl Now that O’Neal fellow has quit. I would say that he’s a great singer for a basketball player if I’d ever seen the programme which I haven’t – so there.

Braun HF 1 television receiver, Germany, 1958

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One thing that I’ve noticed recently is how little “live” that I actually watch. I always try to avoid watching stuff as it is broadcast. One of the main reason is because of the adverts. The Americans are obviously happy with a 40 minute show being padded out to 60 minutes by the not so delicate insertion of a succession of commercials aiming to sell us not only stuff we don’t want or need but also trailing more sh*tty programmes that are also full of adverts. The joy of the Sky+ and TiVo boxes is that you can whizz through the adverts at 32 times the speed and watch what you want to watch and not some airbrushed psycho bitch from hell telling you Nivea has made her look younger than her daughter.I manage to crash my way through all of this generic TV slop in well under 40 minutes as each programme usually consists of a five minute recap of what happened last week and at the end there’s a bolt on of what’s going to happen next week. These previews are there to get you to watch the next episode and get you salivating and all aroused, but I’ve come to realize that these trailers show the only decent bits (usually explosions) and a nanosecond of sex . In other words, all the good bits. I have long thought that if you watch the summary and the trailer for “next week” for each episode then you’ll see enough of the turgid crap to understand what’s going on and realize that’s it’s crap without wasting hours and hours of you miserable lonely fetid life.

That’s the problem. There’s a whole lot of pig’s vomit passed off as high class TV and in this age of a 1 second attention span and a need to appeal to the lowest common denominator this is not going to change anytime soon. Most of the TV dramas that have been acclaimed in the “Quality Press” and have won awards worth winning (as opposed to the TV Quick awards) are thinly or not so thinly disguised versions of what has been seen before. Those that that rise above the slurry are then usually beaten into a pulp of self parody with the obligatory murder, death, war, jail sentence and miscarriage of justice. For these reason I can no longer watch the cliche that is UK drama.

So watch do I watch?

As someone who has appointed himself a commentator on TV programmes across the board I watch everything as matter of duty. For pleasure as long standing readers of my  blog will know, when it comes to TV that I watch for pleasure, I am a brain dead moron. I spend many envious  hours of my dissolute wretched life watching stage managed American “Reality” TV like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Counting Cars and the mightily educational Finding Bigfoot. Yes I am stupid, but I have sufficient nous and intelligence to be aware of the fact that I am a moron. Not for me cliched dramas, I want my TV to be sunny with all white teeth, chuckles and friendly banter. A bit like Star Trek with tattoos. I’ll leave a detailed examination of these programmes for another time, but suffice to say I wish they were my buddies. So there you are, I’m a moron without taste or friends.

Yet buried within the mound of manure that is the drug of the dim I have found a real gem. A superb piece of the televisual art that touches the heart and is beautifully performed with a conviction that is rare on the stage, on film or TV. I have seen many of the world’s finest and none have performed with the depth, control and pathos. None have become the part in such a way. This beyond acting, beyond performing. The principal actor just “is.” That’s what makes him great. I have recorded this and when I am completely disillusioned about the garbage that festers within my 42” glowing panel of joy, I watch, in awe and on every occasion I forget that this a fiction laid out before me. There is a melancholy about it that is somehow uplifting, but it is and shall remain my little secret.

Anyway for now,

That’s It.



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